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Foods Vs Shakes For Muscle Gain!

Body Building also includes proper lifting techniques, as the improper techniques would not bring any effective change. Besides that, this can tear your muscles or ligaments and cab break bones. 264 more words

Body Building

Acne Eraser

I think we can all agree that acne is frustrating, embarrassing and one of the worst things ever. Not to mention, it comes at the most inconvenient times. 369 more words


58 Thoughts I had While at Meditation Class

So recently I went to a four-part meditation course with a friend. We both suffer from a bit of anxiety and stress so thought it might be a way to release the fears. 869 more words


Some intervals & Saturday preview

I had a kind of PR workout again today.  This was not as dramatic or exciting but I think just continues to show my improvement trend. 222 more words

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Frugal Finds

I LOVE to shop and I also don’t love spending money. I always try to find the best deals I can with still looking like I paid full price! 174 more words

Chest, Biceps and Calves with Jason Lewis

Good afternoon everyone, here is a chest, biceps, and calves workout that my cousin Jason and I did a while back.

I hope you all enjoy and please to forget to like, comment, and subscribe to my Batiste Fitness channel on YouTube. Big things to come!!!

Health And Fitness

Hi All! Long time no talk! I am so sorry for being MIA lately, Ive recently gone back to school and its been a massive week of emotion for me so Ive had a break from blogging- I also started kickboxing and plan on up-skilling in that so my focus has been elsewhere and Im so sorry about that! 782 more words