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Best Equipment for A Home Gym

While we are still stuck at home thanks to Covid and I would pay quite a bit at this point to workout at a gym, I promise to not complain about the guys hogging the squat rack, the person who didn’t put their weights away, the lady who talks too loud about private stuff on the stair master, or the person doing very creative stretches in the corner. 1,067 more words

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surviving shingles - part two

Thank you for joining me for part two of my experience with shingles. To read Part One, please go here.

Today is Day 20. My rash is nearly gone in some places and scabbing over and fading in others. 1,017 more words


Uber Is Expanding Its Commuting Services To Boats

Yes, you could stunt with the blacked-out Cadillac Escalade on Uber Black, but what if you pulled up on a boat instead?

Uber has made an announcement that the company will be offering a commuter boat service that will be bookable through the same app you can reserve a ride and its launching in London first. 299 more words


Putting it all together

So if you’ve checked out this blog in the past few months, you may have come across the New Beginnings post. Unfortunately that effort has been DELAYED, not cancelled due to some timing and technical issues recording and editing the videos. 311 more words

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Planned Parenthood Responds To Kanye West's Harmful Comments About The Org

Planned Parenthood is wasting no time responding to Kanye West’s inflammatory statements. 

In case you missed it, the rapper announced that he plans to run for president this year, clarifying his stance on many topics, including abortion, in a new… 201 more words


Depression Is A Disease Of Perspective

Earlier this week, I was watching a video game critic’s deep-dive analysis of The Last of Us Part II. For the non-gamers of the world, … 1,136 more words

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