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All or nothing

Six days into our FIT15s and we are definitely still on the wagon 💪👍

We are both enjoying it, although there are definitely one or two challenges! 194 more words

Stella Fitness Update!

Hey All!

Just wanted to send along a few things regarding the next couple of weeks/months! I recently built a little group on Myfitnesspal for those of you who would like to challenge each other with food logging/exercise logging. 394 more words

Health And Fitness

"I imagine that twinges a bit."

Ron Weasly has nothing on my son. Sirius Black, while in his animagus form, drags Ron by the leg to the Shrieking Shack, and he has a nasty bite on his leg. 336 more words


Hard gainers (ectomorph)

Ectomorph is a term used for the people who are unable to gain mass as compared to mesomorph and endomorph , so today in this blog I would tell u about my story how I with the help of proper diet and exercise became mesomorph from ectomorph , it all started when I was bullied by my friends regarding my weight and size so I decided to go to gym and with plenty of hard work and dedication I was able to transform my body , it took time as ur body take time to show you results but for the one who are ectomorph I would suggest they should never think of failure and also they should eat more , following was my meal plan during the transformation… 74 more words

Health And Fitness

Epic Fail to Amazing Progression

If you stick to something and commit to it, then the results in the end will be outstanding. Goals can’t be achieved without sacrifice; sacrifice is exactly what I did! 689 more words


160117 Is your heart on top of your training?

160117 Is your heart on top of your training?

Do you know if you and your heart are training at a sufficient level to make progress by encouraging the heart muscle to get stronger? 413 more words


Warm lemon water

So I have set myself up to drink at least 1 cup of warm lemon water every morning. I am not a big water drinker; but because it is vital to our health and all, I am trying to do better at making healthier decisions in my life. 157 more words