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What's Zapping Your Energy?

Things that may be draining your energy without you even knowing it.

First blogged on WebMD.com

By Carol Sorgen

Sure, we all get draggy from time to time. 471 more words

‘It Made Me Have To Be Tough:’ Mike Tyson Opens Up About Childhood Sex Assault

From the time Mike Tyson became the undisputed world heavyweight boxing champion in the mid-1980s, the Brownsville, Brooklyn, native never tried to hide the fact that he had overcome great obstacles. 324 more words

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Breaking Boxing down to the C.O.R.E

Heart pulsing, blood pumping, sweat dripping, breath moving. These are all things you feel when you’re working hard and remind you that you are alive. Some people get these feelings from all kinds of things but mine is by exercise. 345 more words


The Essential Guide To Getting Stronger

It’s not just body builders and weight lifter that want to be stronger. It’s dads that want to lift their kids up in the air and be able to swing them around without hurting themselves. 509 more words


1800 Tequila Collabs With Fashion Designer Waraire Bosewell On Raw Collection

Tequila giant,1800, teamed up with Los Angeles based contemporary designer Waraire Bosewell to create a sophisticated, red carpet-ready suit made entirely out of raw materials for the launch of “Refined from the Raw.” 96 more words

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Confidence Diary: Day 1.

So things have spiraled in my personal life and I’m not going to talk about it all on here because I don’t feel like I need to, but my friend sent me a ‘confidence diary’ template to help me feel better about myself. 649 more words


Fat free is rubbish 

Why spend ££$$ on supplements to fasten your metabolism, when you can do that using natural ingredients from your kitchen cupboards, fridge & your own body. 192 more words