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What is weight loss and how does it work?

Weight is a person’s mass. It accounts for their bones, the muscles and tendons on those bones, the organs, the food and water in those organs, and the fat surrounding all of this. 376 more words

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Calgary hospital one of first to use cooling blanket for babies deprived of oxygen

Newborns deprived of oxygen at birth will soon have improved chances of surviving without brain injuries thanks to a portable cooling blanket.

Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary is one of the first care facilities in Canada to purchase the device, which is expected to be more reliable in keeping temperatures cool when babies are moved. 133 more words

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Gentleman Style Mondays with Dylan Kleinhentz – The Time Is Now

Welcome back to GSM!! Another week where you not only read, but also carefully think about how you look before stepping out that front door every morning. 558 more words


New focus on fitness and loss

The marathon plans have brought my fitness into a better focus.

I’m not yet quite free from the late night binge monster, but I am feeling more optimistic lately. 302 more words

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Dying is hard. Death doulas want to help make it easier

Before he enters the room, Craig Phillips pauses for a deep exhale. “Just to let everything go,” he says. “And to remember that I’m here for them.” 1,431 more words


Make Your Own: Salad Dressing

Simple eating is the way of summer, don’tcha think? In our home, salads become a full dinner and everything that is going to get cooked is done outside on the grill. 344 more words

Rhonda Fast

Be your own strength

There’s no secret to making muscles grow. Although the process isn’t complicated, it does require commitment and consistency. But by challenging your body on a regular basis and fueling with proper nutrition, results are sure to follow.

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