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Healthy Eating Habit Affects Mental and Emotional Health

It is a known fact that eating healthy can help in many ways. When you follow a healthy eating diet plan you know that your body well will be as it should, you will not fall sick, and it will have profound effects on your mood too. 216 more words

Health And Fitness

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Mix up Your Fitness Routine With High Intensity Interval Training

If you haven’t already heard of interval training, it’s time that you learned about it. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting to work out seriously for the first time, getting back into a fitness routine after a long absence, or if you’re a seasoned fitness buff, high intensity interval training can work for you. 257 more words

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Best Cream For Eczema: Tips to Be Considered When Deal with Eczema’s In Babies

When a baby or young child develops eczema, it is usually assumed that she or he will grow out of it. Most of the parents will be told that it is common for the eczema to get recover as the child grows older. 395 more words

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Should you count calories to lose weight?

The answer to this question is no, but it certainly helps to keep track of calories!

Calorie Counter is like a budget. It informs you when you near targets and warns you when you exceed limits. 340 more words

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Deadlifts! Do they matter?

Written by:  Kevin Busch     Photo by:  Amber Karnes

Deadlifts are of those exercises that you either love or hate.  However, the question that remains is… are they important for your goals?   455 more words

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~Felicia~ reblogged this on My Voyage Through Time and commented:

My answer is... Yes! Of course deadlifts matter!!! And yes indeed this is a lift that you can't fake. It isn't a lift for lazy people. If you aren't deadlifting, squatting and benching, do you even lift LoL? That is the real question!! Good write up Busch and excellent photo showing strict form Karnes!! ~~~F

What's the Problem with Stress?

We live in stressful times. The economy is tough, global conflicts rage, severe weather events are affecting people in every corner of the globe, and our numerous technological devices don’t seem to be making things any easier. 580 more words

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