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Benefits of drinking H2o

Calorie control- Water helps to fill you up, meaning you’ll consumer less calories. Water also has no calories, fat, carbs or sugar, making it the best drinking option. 250 more words

Health And Fitness

Some of my favourite workouts


Pull your knees towards your face, keeping your core as tight as possible. Do as many sets as possible.


Keep your arms straight, and slowly move your body/ arms down. 142 more words

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Mind of the anxious

I figured it was time for me to open up more about why I workout, and why I am so passionate about keeping my mind and body as healthy as possible. 283 more words

Health And Fitness

Perfect Meals


Protein – the most essential macro-nutrient as far as muscle growth is concerned. What you may not realize is that about 70% of the dry weight of your body is made of protein. 1,469 more words

Health And Fitness