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What Are My Aspirations For the Summer Holidays?

As well as writing a Bucket List for the summer, I also have aspirations to keep my life on track – and to keep healthy. 257 more words


6 Weeks to Superhero

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Having kids isn't easy. You can't get out to exercise so easily when you realize that you have to pull your own weight and to help with the child rearing. When I was young and active, I had a pretty good body. Duty and countless cinnamon rolls took that all away. But like many suburban dads my age, my physique has begun to concern me, and now, I want to look like a superhero. I wasn't blessed with the chiseled good looks or the 6 foot 2 or more height, but I do have broad shoulders and good proportions. I could do it! With a bit of focus and iron-will, I can get that chiseled, muscular body. So this article caught my eye. Excerpt: "When I'm hired to get an athlete, bodybuilder, or actor into the best shape of his life – to strip him of virtually all body fat while adding 15 to 20 pounds of functional "show" muscle – I have hundreds, maybe thousands, of protocols I can use to help him reach that goal." Continue reading See on www.t-nation.com

Free Advice For The Single Fellows Out There

first of all, I am single. But I have not always being single. In fact, I am rarely single. I am single because I need to be so for a while: 292 more words


Please Live Within Your Means.

BY Temporary (a kenyanlister)

The following article is published with the permision (›› Temporary 28-Jun-2013, reply_1021475 › Flag Member/Comment) @kenyanvoice feel free) of a kenyanlist contributer known as Temporary, it was a gem piece and here we share it with you. 3,876 more words


Ten Great Quotes On Hipocrisy

“A guy is competent and good and moral and religious and uncorrupted as long as he is doing things your way. Toe the line or pay the fine” – The Life Teacher… 296 more words


Let's talk about global warming....

Not really though.  (I mean, I totally could, I have a lot to say about it – STOP USING AEROSOL CANS!) But, really, let’s talk about how much fun it ISN’T to be pregnant in the summer time.   708 more words


April 16, 2012 - Totally Morbid Thought of the Day

So I’m cooking this unfortunately oh so tasty marinated beef shank for dinner.

Poor cow.

I feel slightly sickly every time I cook meat.
So I’ve been cooking meat less and less. 140 more words

Mental Diarrhea