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Illinois peeps, check out - Proposal to Reduce Medicare Drug Payments Is Widely Criticized

Patients’ advocates have joined doctors and drug companies in warning that the Obama administration plan could jeopardize access to medications.. via NYT U.S. http://ift.tt/1Ttc71S


McKinleyville woman reveals that Humboldt's homeless strategy lacks a plan

As you may recall, the City of Eureka and the County of  Humboldt held a joint meeting in late January to discuss their plans to finally deal with Humboldt’s houseless epidemic. 1,041 more words

Illinois peeps, check out - Insurers Say Costs Are Climbing as More Enroll Past Health Act Deadline

Many people wait until they become ill or need medical services to sign up under the Affordable Care Act, driving up costs broadly, insurers have told federal health officials.. 8 more words


Crandall gets honored for damage done to County; Bass kisses ass

You all remember good ol’ Phil Crandall, right? He hasn’t quite bugged out of his position as Health and Human Services Director for the County, but he’s oh-so-close. 874 more words

!Update! Are you surprised that (nearly) DHHS Director Kristin Brinks bailed?

You asked for the full list of buildings leased by the DHHS, and THC could not help but comply! Here is what we obtained from the County in our Public Records request: … 1,419 more words

Illinois peeps, check out - Many May Find Unpleasant Surprise on HealthCare.gov: High Rate Increases

Federal officials said people would need to pick new plans under the Affordable Care Act to avoid substantial increases in health insurance premiums.. via NYT U.S. http://ift.tt/1M6HfUy


Illinois peeps, check out - Medicare Premiums May Soar as Social Security Payments Stay Flat

Unless Congress acts, some beneficiaries will face premium increases of about 50 percent, the largest rise, by far, in the history of Medicare.. via NYT U.S. http://ift.tt/1QwHlEx