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Chocolate-Coconut Gummies

I’m back! Well, sort of–I’m working a full-time job now, so posts will likely be few and far between, but I hope to continue to blog about my endeavors to remain a healthy, motivated mom despite being back at work and pursuing a doctorate. 288 more words

Health And Nutrition

Where do you get your calcium?

Ah, first entry chronicling a worried nutritional expert (aka colleague) which commonly spring up in your life when you don’t follow the meat ‘n dairy eatin’ norm. 322 more words


What makes Hell & Back as a group so magical

Up until I completed my second Hell & back race with a group, I hadn’t realised how powerful team building was. Crossing that finish line with my co-workers whom I consider as my friends at this stage, was magical. 1,217 more words

Health And Nutrition

Why I call myself: Gloria Haven.

My first name Gloria

My mother and father longed after having a child. However, the doctor said that it’s impossible for her to get a child. 123 more words


Deirdre Fulton: Global Investors to Big Food -- Cut Meat to Avoid 'Protein Bubble'

Citing the environmental and public health risks of factory farming, a $1.25 trillion coalition of multinational investors has called on 16 global food corporations—including Kraft, Heinz, Nestle, Unilever, Tesco, and Walmart—to cut their reliance on meat and diversify into plant-based sources of protein. 464 more words

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Philip Levine: Animals Are Passing From Our Lives

It’s wonderful how I jog
on four honed-down ivory toes
my massive buttocks slipping
like oiled parts with each light step.

I’m to market. I can smell… 141 more words

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"Butchered" is offensive.

So a couple of days since setting up this blog, and I already have my first material.

I saw this post as a member of a local community group I am part of on Facebook: 100 more words