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The Secret to Losing Weight

It actually is a secret, considering the lengths to which anybody will avoid telling you how you lose weight (and there really is only one way). 1,106 more words

Health And Nutrition

Insulin Resistance

There’s a pretty good synopsis of Insulin Resistance on Wikipedia, located here.  I’m not going to plagiarize any of that, so I strongly recommend that you go read it. 1,011 more words

Health And Nutrition

Eric Holthaus: Up in Smoke

Trees are dying at unprecedented rates. Can we rethink conservation before it’s too late?

Each year, the Earth’s trees suck more than a hundred billion tons of carbon dioxide… 1,733 more words

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Tough (Plant) Love

In January, I mentioned that I would be writing about some changes that I made in regard to my diet. If you are a follower of this blog, you may recall that I recently began to dabble in the elimination of nightshades.  752 more words