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The Truth About Dieting

You cannot spell Dietitian without “diet”, which I find ironic considering I choose a non-diet approach with my clients.

“But you’re a dietitian!” I hear you say. 716 more words

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7 Low-Glycemic Recipes to Get You Through the Holidays

Switch your focus to a low-glycemic diet through the end of the year and your New Year’s Resolutions might not seem so daunting come January. 9 more words

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7 healthy eating strategies when you have no time

I get it, everyone is busy, running to appointment after appointment, meeting deadlines and completing projects. In those periods eating healthy might seem like an impossible task. 540 more words

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World Health Organization: Red meat and processed meat cause cancer

Q&A on the carcinogenicity of the consumption of red meat and processed meat

October 2015

1. What is considered ‘red meat’?

‘Red meat’ refers to all mammalian muscle meat, including, beef, veal, pork, lamb, mutton, horse, and goat. 1,748 more words

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How to Pre-Order the Book

The book, “Sexy, Lean and Strong After 50” is available on Amazon Kindle for pre-order.  Release date is set for November 27.  Please use this link to pre-order:  … 40 more words

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Tips To Prepare For A Balanced Thanksgiving

One of my favorite holidays of the year is this week and I could not be more excited. I know that with this holiday comes a lot of anxiety or total loss of interest with regards to health goals. 575 more words

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Day 22 - Chow Talk

Are you seeing the trend here? There have been a whole lot of food safety, food processing, consumer question answering websites over the last 22 days. 383 more words