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Nothing is too Hard

What is the hardest thing about a diet, or quitting smoking, or giving up drugs?  It is being disciplined.  We have to really want to do it first of all, and then we have to really be disciplined to continue doing it.   409 more words


First Glass or Tenth bottle, How to Handle your Drink

There is a lot more to drinking than just consuming alcohol. Getting drunk can bring out the funniest, stupidest, most violent, worst in people. With drinking comes relationship drama, safety concerns, social tension, and vomit. 2,143 more words


14 People Overdose On Fatal Drug Disguised As "Painkiller" In California

Fake painkiller pills claim the lives of 14 in California, where is the media outrage?     295 more words


You Are Forgiven - No Strings Attached!

This week I have been binge eating.   In spite of all the healthy advice I give out, I still have my weak moments.  After all, I am only human.   459 more words


Encouragement on your Journey

Quitting any addiction is extremely difficult, whether it be losing weight, quitting smoking, or stopping drinking.  When times are tough and you don’t think you can do it anymore, you need encouragement.   388 more words


Indiana University School of Medicine: Pesticides In Water Linked To Birth Defects And Developmental Problems

A study published in the medical journal Acta Pædiatrica reports that birth defect rates in the United States were highest for women conceiving in the spring and summer. 788 more words


Mayo Clinic: Why Choose Organic Foods?

Many factors influence the decision to choose organic food. Some people choose organic food because they prefer the taste. Yet others opt for organic because of concerns such as: 420 more words

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