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Are You Eating Your Emotions?

How many times have you sworn to yourself that this will be the last time…?

“This will be the last time I turn to a packet of Doritos when I get home from work.” … 969 more words


Hello World and FB friends

As everyone knows I retired from working for the Man and have gotten really involved with Health and Nutrition because of a potential serious condition that I fixed with eating whole foods by taking Juice Plus. 43 more words

Health And Nutrition

Adrian Blevins: An Ode to the Erection

I sing, for my daughter, of shanks and shafts and the endearing contrast between the mind’s affairs and the body’s undiscriminating inclinations.

This is a midget and perhaps very foolish ode, I kid you not, to the erection. 2,477 more words


Enzymes-- The Engineers of the Human Body by Ryan Mace

The human body is made up of trillions of cells. Within these cells a multitude of biochemical reactions occur every second of the day.  At the heart of these chemical reactions are a group of large molecules called enzymes. 393 more words

Ryan Mace

To eat or not to eat?


I mentioned in a previous post about eating the skin of sweet potatoes. (If you haven’t yet checked out the easiest way to bake, roast, and make delicious quick n’ easy sweet potato fries or chips, look under “sides”) Anyway, I said that unless I’m baking a sweet potato the traditional way, I always keep the skin on while roasting these starchy root vegetables. 309 more words

All Natural

"Frames" & "Fitness" - an Artistic Journey! : Interview with Hari Bhaghirath!

What would you call an all rounder who easily juggles between his Professional Photography, his work as a Communications Management Professional, who also loves to lift weights, write, paint and explore the world with all the passion? 1,800 more words