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Gail Ablow: The Truth About Gun Laws Under Trump

Columbine. Virginia Tech. Fort Hood. Sandy Hook. Orlando. Las Vegas. Each deadly shooting rampage sends shockwaves through the country. We grieve. We get angry. Time and again, irate and bereaved citizens petition Congress to limit people’s access to fire arms. 1,105 more words

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Kristofer Collins: Asylum

for Kenneth Patchen

When the sky opens up I hurry for the bus shelter

hoping for some kind of asylum. I’ve nowhere to be and today… 157 more words

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How to build sustainable healthy eating habits

The month of October is known for many programs that reinforce the letting go of unhealthy habits and routines that no longer serve us for the better (think about the smoke-free campaigns that are so popular in October for example). 678 more words

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The Sports Archives - Eat Right Train Right

There’s such a social media trend at the minute to eat right, and train right. More and more people are after that dream body. This is possibly down to the huge influence celebrities, and social media famous people are having on the world. 480 more words

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Marc Jampole: Trump is changing America

Trump may be living in the past with his ideas and policies, but they are 100% 21st century GOP.

It seems as if the pace of Trump Administration abominations is accelerating. 1,040 more words

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