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Glycemic control: food choices

Glycemic control: Beans and Legumes, Fruits and Vegetables.Beans and Legumes:Beans are a great source of fiber, protein and iron. Beans provide between 6-10 g of fiber per half a cup.Lentils provide over 15g of fiber per cup, and are low on the glycemic index, helping regulate the blood sugar levels. 102 more words

Health And Nutrition

"Fall"ing Into Good Habits

Emma Jubeh, Dietetic Intern | UChicago Medicine Ingalls Memorial  

Reviewed by Cheryl Bacon, MS, RDN, LDN

Can you believe it’s already the week of Thanksgiving? With the holiday season ahead of us, most people are busy with obligations and preparations for these big events.  375 more words

Peter Forbes: We are heading for a New Cretaceous, not for a new normal

A lazy buzz phrase – ‘Is this the new normal?’ – has been doing the rounds as extreme climate events have been piling up over the past year. 1,142 more words

Opinion Leaders

Elizabeth Jacobson: The Cows

Now that I have read this story about the cows

I think of them at night when I cannot sleep,

how they are so still in their grassy field, 280 more words


The Fruit Diet

Fruits are highly beneficial in maintaining the body acid- alkaline balance. They will neutralize the toxic condition of the body resulting from excessive consumption of acid forming food such as diary product, carbonated drinks, medication, sugary product, table salt, refined flour, red meat, refined vegetable oil, deep fried food and artificial food additives and returns it’s  alkalinity. 186 more words

Health And Nutrition