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SICKLE CELL AND LOVE- Do you ask about genotype on the First Date?

75 per cent of people who are victims of Sickle Cell Disease never get to see their fifth birthday, an NGO, the Sickle Cell Support Network… 490 more words


My Shoulder Story, Part 1: Pre-Op "Appreciation"

I’ve been stressing out (shocker) as my surgery date has steadily snuck up on me… and now, it is unbelievably one week away. Most of my stress has to do with just how inactive I imagine I will be post-op. 1,745 more words

Health And Nutrition

Natural Health: The Benefits of CBD Oil

In a Society and Era where disease is rampant

We live in a time era where despite huge advancements in technology and improvements to make our way of life simpler, our general health is getting worse and worse by the year. 748 more words


Does Drinking Lemonade Whiten Your Teeth?

You know, those veneers can be expensive, and this post is not about whether Gabrielle is wearing veneers or not, but they cost about 1500 dollars a tooth, quite a fortune for me for now…abut are lemons an alternative? 158 more words