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There is wildness in us all, but in most of us it’s latent, sleeping, unused. Wild we are in our deeper selves: we are hunter-gatherers in suits and dresses and jeans and T-shirts. 669 more words

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They’re not joking when they say it’s a battle...

Have you heard people talking about someone battling with cancer? Or depression? I’ve been blessed in that I’ve never had a serious physical illness. I have watched friends and family with cancer though. 189 more words


Can A Spine Stimulator Eliminate My Pain?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

After working with a Pain Management doctor for six months he’s determined I’m a good candidate for a Spine Stimulator. It works by leads placed in your mid-back attached to the implanted stimulation device, the stimulation disrupts the pain signals to the brain thus relieving the pain. 584 more words

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Causes of depression

I came across the about picture a couple of days ago, and wanted to share it with you, as it reinforces the message I’ve been sharing with you of the last few days about mental health illness and depression. 123 more words


Food Selfies

“I won’t be impressed with technology until I can download food”

Isn’t it interesting that somehow we’ve become a nation obsessed with our food. Not in a bad way, but hopefully more in a good way. 528 more words

Health And Wellbeing

Broken pieces of memories

Broken pieces of memories
Gone forever
Or never there in the first place
Play hide and seek
Inside her tormented mind

Who am I?
Where am I? 157 more words


A good track record

Over the last few days I’ve spoken about how we can find comfort and reassurance in our darkest moments, in verses in the bible.

Even though we might be finding life particularly difficult, there are still positives we can take when we start each new day. 59 more words

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