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California legislators who passed SB 277 to force vaccines on children now want to do the same for adults with SB 792

Thursday, July 30, 2015

by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/050595_SB_792_vaccine_mandates_medical_police_state.html#ixzz3hNVGvG5v

(NaturalNews) Now that nearly all school-age children in California have been summoned into the state’s growing medical dictatorship through Senate Bill 277, corrupt politicians are now trying to pass a companion bill that would force adults to be vaccinated in accordance with the government’s prescribed vaccine schedule. 709 more words

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Lines Out the Door for Nation’s First Organic Drive-Thru Restaurant

Think fast food has to be greasy, unhealthy and cheap? Think again.

The country’s first all-organic drive-thru has finally opened in California, with lines out the door as customers flock for a chance to support what could be the biggest step forward for industry ever. 324 more words

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Tupperware Gives an Interesting Tips on How to Keep Your Body Fit and Fab

Tupperware Philippines gives an interesting tips on how to keep your body fit and fab.

The main tip is to make it a habit to drink the right amount of water your body needs. 549 more words

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Sleep and your waistline

New research published in the journal Cell shows that negative effects from irregular sleep patterns can be detected in the most minute levels of our biological systems. 163 more words

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Meditation Put Into Steps

Steps to a Successful Meditation

         Meditation is more of an art than science and that it differs based on the person who is doing the meditation. 987 more words

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The Lovely Mekong Delta: "Dirty Waters, Dangerous Fish"

“Dirty Waters, Dangerous Fish,” watch this video about catfish production along the polluted Mekong River.

Mahalo for the link Karen!

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3-Year-Old London Child Deemed "Extremist"; Placed In Government Reeducation Program

Note: Tyler Durden: “The United Kingdom has gone batshit crazy.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself! Stunning degree of psychopathy on behalf of British officials, absolutely unbelievable. 585 more words

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