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21 Technologies That Are Decentralizing The Economy And Bringing Real Power Back To The People

By Dan West Big Picture

The world is becoming more centralized, increasingly focused on economies of scale and transferring wealth to a tiny elite at the top of the financial system. 1,569 more words

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Hawaii Bill to Legalize Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Overwhelmingly Passes House of Representatives

March 12, 2015

by TheJointBlog

Hawaii’s full House of Representatives has voted 43 to 8 to legalize medical cannabis dispensaries.

House Bill 321 would establish a system of medical cannabis dispensaries as a means of safe access for qualified patients, and would authorize production centers to cultivate cannabis, and supply it to dispensaries. 106 more words

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McDonald’s to Close 700 Stores Amid Falling Sales

Note: This publisher’s doin’ the “Happy Dance”, great trend and good riddens! Woot, woot to people power as we say NO to toxic, fake food! Love it…
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"Toxic Info is Toxic to Your Health" by Inelia Benz

By Inelia Benz

The mind receives and transmits energy and vibration. We know these as thoughts. We use our minds to come to conclusion, or to understand, to give meaning to whats happening around us. 540 more words


China's Bees on Antibiotics! China Prepares for Food Shortage and Agriculture Boom!

Note: Whenever possible always buy RAW, unfiltered honey from local producers. In addition to avoiding problems with a contaminated food supply, honey from your area provides immune boosters necessary for pathogens in your local environment. 39 more words

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