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National Just Because Day

Every day we all do things that are expected or required of us or because we have to, well today that does not apply.  Today is a chance to do something without rhyme or reason. 38 more words

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One Hundred Days with Hashimoto's. Day 16: The Disasters of Brain Fog

I’d reach for something, try to pick it up, and it would slip.  Dropping things and incoordination or loss of balance became a daily occurrence.   829 more words

Hashimoto's Disease

Denise Hill Discusses the Importance of Immunizations with Dr. Beers

It’s back to school time! Many youth are still in need of the required immunizations in order to start the school year. Dr. Lee Beers offers her expertise on the importance of kids receiving their proper immunizations. 242 more words

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Youthful Choices in Food

This post is from Dr Erika Scwartz’s blog

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It addresses foods that keep us young versus food that make us old.

So we compared cottage cheese to goat cheese. 434 more words

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One Hundred Days with Hashimoto's. Day 10: Update

The morning it happened, when my heart raced, followed an evening like this: Went to bed at midnight, woke up to feed the baby, it was 5:00 am or so.   317 more words

Hashimoto's Disease

Ancient Foods that Decalcify the Pineal Gland‏

What Is the Pineal Gland?

Our pineal is a pea-sized pine-cone shaped gland located at the middle bottom of our brain hemispheres, just behind the top of the brow.  854 more words