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Yoga Mat Cleaner

Yoga mats can get heckin disgusting.

It is definitely a good idea to clean your mat every now and again.

But how…..

A lot of popular yogis post fancy DIY formulas for mat cleaners you can ‘make at home’…whose home is yet to be determined. 160 more words


Can a healthy lifestyle help prevent cancer?

SOURCE: The JAMA Network Journals

A “healthy lifestyle pattern” was defined as never or past smoking; no or moderate drinking of alcohol (one or less drink a day for women, two or less drinks a day for men); BMI of at least 18.5 but lower than 27.5; and weekly aerobic physical activity of at least 150 minutes moderate intensity or 75 minutes vigorous intensity. 219 more words

Health And Wellness

This Spot

There’s this spot in the kitchen, right next to the door. A little wooden foot stool sits next to the doorway. I’ve sat in this spot for 5 years. 228 more words



So I wanted to tell you about what has been going on in my health life recently. Today, my fears were confirmed and we found out that my chemotherapy treatments have not been successful. 230 more words


Quit social media | Dr. Cal Newport | TEDxTysons

‘Deep work’ will make you better at what you do. You will achieve more in less time. And feel the sense of true fulfilment that comes from the mastery of a skill. 127 more words

Muscle Gain, Fat Loss, Weight Loss, OhMy!


Happy 2017 yall

To begin- you are enough. No diet, exercise, scale, or clothing size will change how great you already are.

This is going to be a quick resurrection of my blog; a snack-sized rant/clarification on weight loss confusions & frustrations that come with strength training. 297 more words