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Fresh Tomatillo Salsa

It all started with the “ugly fruit” stand at the grocery store. Tomatillos, garlic, a lime and a tomato in one bag. Red peppers in another. 182 more words


Hollywood Icon Robert De Niro Rushes To Trump After CIA Kills Top Autism Expert

Editor / 5 days ago

Robert De Niro, became so “enraged/inflamed” after the 23 January suspected Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) murder of top autism journalist and researcher… 978 more words

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Fukushima: First Images Emerge Of Radioactive Salmon In Canada

David Vanallen | February 3, 2017 |

Bad news for everyone – the first radioactive salmon was found in British Columbia, Canada and there are pictures to prove it. 429 more words

Unleashing Etheric Implants Eric Raines Part 1 & 2 (VIDEO)

Pt 1

Pt 2

Here are the links to Eric’s articles “Etheric Implants and Entities ARE “Human Nature”

Part 1 http://unleashingnaturalhumanity.com/…

Part 2 http://unleashingnaturalhumanity.com/…

Turn this into a MP3 and listen in your car! 112 more words


Transpicuous News & Views: Vaccines and the 'Mercury Distraction'

Today at 10am EDT Robert De Niro and Robert F Kennedy Jr. held a joint press conference in at the National Press Club, in Washington DC, and issued a challenge to all media and all scientists: That… 113 more words

Sports Barbers : A Stylish Destination to Groom

There is a stylish urban destination for those who are always busy and on the go, There is a new barbershop destination in Metro Manila and nearby provinces. 444 more words

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Here’s The Difference Between How Women & Men Experience Break Ups

Alexa Erickson

When we form a connection with another in the most intimate way imaginable, it can feel incredibly difficult to break away from it. In the peak of the relationship, it can seem almost unfathomable that it will ever end. 531 more words