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7 Rules for a Happier, Healthier Life

Maybe not rules, thnk of these as wellbeing mantras…

Eat the colors of the rainbow.

Vegetables (and some fruits) in a wide range of deep colors should make up most of your diet. 605 more words

Health And Wellness

My Sick Day Essentials

Hello Muffins!

How are you doing? I hope better than I am. Unfortunately I’ve come down with a nasty sinus cold and fever. I am typically able to go about my day and be fine even with a cold but this one just knocked me off my feet basically. 391 more words

On Health and Wellness - Getting There

Ok.. So we’ve talked about the basics of eating and movement. However, how do we get from point A to point B?

Well, you could try jumping in with both feet and just making a total change, but I don’t recommend it. 2,522 more words


On Health and Wellness - Excercising - oops, I mean Movement

Exercise. Yet another word I despise. Don’t get me wrong. I love movement. But when I hear of “exercise” I immediately think of gym class and competitive sports and working out and getting all sweaty and gross for no particular reason. 796 more words


Breast Cancer 911: An Online Consulting Service for Patients and Survivors

Dr. Kathleen Ruddy, renowned breast cancer surgeon and founder of the Breast Health and Healing Foundation, has taken on a major new project in which she will work with five other breast cancer experts to provide an online consulting service for patients and survivors seeking answers to their questions. 129 more words

Breast Cancer Survivors

Key to Eating Healthy: Cook at Home

The verdict is in: people who cook more at home tend to eat healthier, and eat less fast food, according to a Johns Hopkins research study. 133 more words

Health And Wellness

On Health and Wellness - Diet - oops, I mean EATING

Ugh. DIET. I hate that word. Whenever I hear or read the word “diet” I get flashbacks of trying to live on 1000 calories or crazy grapefruit fad things or spending lots of money on cardboard food that left me famished and still left me gaining weight. 1,566 more words