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3 signs your child is suffering from stress

It’s a sad fact that today’s youth are plagued with pressure- high expectations to attain academic success, to excel in sports, hobbies and leadership positions and with the onslaught of social media minute by minute comparisons among peers exacerbates the problem. 665 more words

Health And Wellness

Getting Back In Shape Post-Pregnancy : My Journey

How we have all wanted and wished to get into our pre-pregnancy shape, losing all that pregnancy weight. I would look at hundreds of unknown faces on social media sharing their stories and I would see my cousins getting back into that slim figure and how I have longed for that to happen with me too… But alas, I am one of those, lucky souls, who has been on the heavier side all her life. 1,176 more words

Getting Back In Shape

Essential Oils - what is all the fuss about?

As many of you will know from previous posts, I am now hooked on Essential Oils. I’m sure you have noticed the “new hype” of essential oils and now you are wondering what all the fuss is about and if they actually work. 1,691 more words

Essential Oils

Tried and Tested Solutions for Self-Improvement

Ever since I left school, the complexity of my
life suddenly blew up by a factor of 10. I found myself going through a
complete chaotic system of never-ending to-do’s and problems-to-be-solved. 1,889 more words

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Keep Your Cool

Relief is on the way.

Just imagine how soon we will be seeing winter sunsets like this when it is hard to distinguish the lake from the walking path. 205 more words

Personal Trainer

The Democrats' Debates Were Disappointing, and Yet...

My Oh My! So much drama—even attacks on No Drama Obama!

Let me state at the outset that I had never intended to become so overtly partisan in this blog. 2,272 more words

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Women's Health

If you are interested in staying healthy and having a lot of energy throughout your life, I am going to summarize what Dr. Jamie says in a recent webinar in case you missed it. 619 more words

Health And Wellness