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“The skin of face had become radiant while he conversed with the Lord.” —Exodus 34:29

In the Old Covenant, the unclean and unholy had the ability to contaminate that which was holy. 275 more words

Blessed are they who deserved to receive Christ in their homes

From a sermon
by Saint Augustine
[ 354 – 430 A.D. ]

Our Lord’s words teach us that though we labour among the many distractions of this world, we should have but one goal. 477 more words

3-Year-Old London Child Deemed "Extremist"; Placed In Government Reeducation Program

Note: Tyler Durden: “The United Kingdom has gone batshit crazy.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself! Stunning degree of psychopathy on behalf of British officials, absolutely unbelievable. 585 more words

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My, My, My, My, My, My, My (You Sure Look Good Tonight)

Lately I’ve been feeling both new and old.  I’m feeling a new energy and joi de vivre that has been missing for some time, but I also feel like I’m returning to the person I felt I lost a number of years ago. 480 more words


Health care spending expected to grow faster

NEW YORK — After years of historically slow growth, health care spending is once again on the rise — and it’s expected to continue to accelerate over the next decade. 336 more words


Managing Quarter-Life Crisis: a User's Guide


For my own sanity, I am injecting some humor into my life (and hopefully yours too) at this time. I seek less to write a how-to than to share organically what has been helpful from experience because keeping one’s mind while surrounded by madness entails more of a sensibility and type of discernment and less of an, “Oh this situation is x, let me do y.” So here we go. 526 more words

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Boys suffer second degree sunburns at day care, says mom

VINITA, Okla. — Two Oklahoma boys are in the hospital recuperating from burns after their mother said their day care took them to a splash park and let them play with no sunscreen. 686 more words