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I Need a Recharge...Seriously

Ever feel that you’ve given a lot of your energy to activities, work, and other things that don’t necessarily deal with self-care?  This is one of those moments. 219 more words

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And I Would Run 500 Miles, and I Would Run 500 More...

I first composed the barebones of this over four years ago to highlight (and lowlight) the final run of my first year’s electronically recorded miles using the Nike Running App. 1,366 more words


Mumps cases at 10-year high

The United States is being hit with the most mumps cases in a decade, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The latest tally as of November 5 is 2,879 cases in 45 states and the District of Columbia. 1,164 more words

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The Beginning

I have to admit that yoga was amazing today. After canceling my second yoga studio membership at Breathe in LG I dedicated my home practice to exploring only what I knew from Annie and my own body exploration over time. 185 more words

Health And Wellness

Meatless Mondays

Six months ago I started following the Meatless Mondays postings on Eating Well, a health food blog that demonstrates how cutting back on high fat and high calories food can significantly improve our lives. 462 more words



根據印度的最新研究,處於「高血壓前期」的患者,只要1天做1小時的瑜珈 ,持之以恒3個月,將有助降低血壓。(路透)




這些受試者接受各種降血壓的指示,包括溫和的有氧運動、健康的飲食、以及戒除菸癮,其中有半數受測者需上哈達瑜珈(Hatha yoga)上課程。

研究發現,3個月過後,從事瑜珈的受試者的24小時內舒張壓,以及夜間舒張壓,都下降大約4.54毫米汞柱(mmHg),平均動脈壓則是下降大約 4.9毫米汞柱。

主持研究的印度新德里甘家蘭醫院醫師安格利許(Ashutosh Angrish)指出,舒張壓只要上升2毫米汞柱,冠心病和中風的患病風險就會各增加6%和15%。



Weighted blankets for you?

I found this interesting today from Power of Positivity.  I have always liked lots of blankets because they were heavy and I like to snuggle into my bed.   82 more words

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