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Having a Turmeric Day [part one - frothy omelette, frothy cacao drink, and a salad]

My quest for healthy foods continues. I have been able to cut down on a lot of “fatty” foods and concentrate on natural foods with “real” health benefits and still stay on a budget.  1,031 more words


Me and Bob Dylan: Or, a case of mistaken identity

I wasn’t absolutely sure until he spoke.

‘Excuse me,’ came that voice like sand and glue, ‘Do you know if they stock fresh turmeric?’

I have to say, the chances of coming across the Greatest Living Songwriter in the fruit and vegetable aisle – or indeed, any other aisle, up to and including the meat counter – of our local branch of Morrison’s, might seem astronomical. 1,374 more words

Take This Drink in the Morning & The Next Day You Will Feel 10 Years Younger

Are you a part of the society that spends a hundred dollars for expensive chemical products, treatments, and different skin creams just on a way to look younger? 425 more words

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It’s almost Christmas and we need to know how to balance our diet. In this simple yet informative display that I created, you’ll get to realize that it is also important to lessen your fatty food intake. 20 more words

Health Benefits Of Turmeric

Recipe of Turmeric and VCO Roasted Squash and Red Onions with Roasted Garlic and Steamed Okra

A super simple dish to prepare that is super nutritious and delicious. You can add your favorite seafood, eggs or other protein or simply leave as a vegetarian dish like I did. 266 more words

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