Breakfast of Champions

The rest of this week brought more house forms, conversations etc which ultimately, brought on more stress which resulted in me eating Bourbon biscuits for lunch yesterday! 300 more words

Get Well Wednesday: Dr. Christy Valentine Answers Your Questions About ADHD

Since establishing the Valentine Medical Center in 2007, Dr. Christy Valentine has delivered quality, affordable family and urgent healthcare to the New Orleans community in a compassionate, professional environment. 1,410 more words

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Weekend Getaway 

So this week I ventured down the coast to my future home – (fingers crossed!) San Diego! I have always wanted to live there since I was little and moving to California definitely got me one step closer to that dream. 472 more words


Getting back on the horse

It would be wrong for me to claim that I had a few small blips last week on week two of the SSS Cycle One plan. 235 more words

So I'm buying a house (Take 2)

Yep, that’s right, I am weeks away from becoming a homeowner! Subject to mortgage going through, of course – there are always some obstacles!

Dream home developers have done me a solid and reduced the sale price, making the purchase feasible – something which I was very happy to hear when original dream home developer houses were found to be smaller and with increased costs as many features (e.g. 310 more words

Get Well Wednesdays: Diabetes And Wound Care


Dr. David Dixon, MD is the inventor of DermaWound ® and Founder, CEO & President of ProgressiveDoctors.com, a web site that for over 21 years has specialized in acute and chronic wound care with a special emphasis on: diabetic wounds, pressure sores and venous stasis leg ulcers. 248 more words

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My number one secret to looking good and staying fit.


It can be so hard tiger in shape, and even harder to stay in shape!
I discovered a little trick to help me stay bikini ready year round- have you heard of “That crazy wrap-thing”? 41 more words