The Potato Cleanse

So this week I’m deciding to do this crazy thing called the potato cleanse. What is the potato cleanse you ask? Well great question, but it’s simple really, you only eat potatoes for however long it takes to reset yourself, which is exactly what I need. 506 more words


Crème Fraîche Summer Salad

I posted this one on Instagram earlier this week when I enjoyed it as a morning snack. It’s light and refreshing and the crème fraîche adds just the right flavor to take it up a notch from your run-of-the-mill fruit salad. 348 more words


Do guys have the right to critique women makeup? 

When did guys become the guru of makeup and make it seem as if their opinion on makeup, or that lack of matters? Maybe it’s because of current society beliefs. 241 more words

Health&Me: Blood Donating - An Unusual Way of Sharing

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Blood―it courses through our veins live a river providing our body with a fresh delivery of nutrients, vitamins, and oxygen needed for proper functioning. 653 more words