A Jagged Little Shard

See this?? Know what it is? Anyone?

I’ll tell you what it is… it’s the most painful freaking thing in the world! This my friends, is a kidney stone. 144 more words


Stink Bug Naturals: Non Toxic Deodorant Review

Don’t know about you but I live a pretty on the go life so having a deodorant that works is crucial. Oh, and have I ever mentioned I live in Florida? 905 more words


Health2047 is developing powerful new businesses to transform the healthcare industry

At this time, the healthcare industry in the US is undergoing a transition. Health2047 is an innovation studio working to create powerful new businesses in order to transform the $3trillion healthcare industry at the system level. 352 more words


Health2047 helping chronic care

Health2047 is an industry that is looking out to fix the health care industry at a system level. Considering how immense the health care delivery system is, … 370 more words