Give your hair a little love today!

As  a hair stylist I have alot of wonderful products at my fingertips! I have to be honest I really love natural goodness!  My sisters and I grew up that way, loving and appreciating natural ingredients and  natural health foods.   335 more words

Type 1

When life Hands You lemons..

When life hands you lemons make lemonade right? Right. Well not in this instance, lets make a wonderful refreshing lemon and mint water.

I have always really loved lemons. 315 more words

Type 1

What happens to the carbs?

I have found a strange thing happens when I talk to nutritionists about the fate of carbohydrates in the human body. Professors, who shall be nameless, appear unable to admit how basic human physiology works. 1,443 more words

Dr Malcolm Kendrick

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Interesting article from Dr. Malcolm Kendrick here, explaining the digestion pathway of carbs and it's significance in relation to heart disease and cholesterol.

Get Well Wednesday: Help Your Man Get Healthy


Dr. Kelli T. Wells is a certified family physician and the director of the Florida Department of Health in Duval County. Dr. Wells graduated from Florida A&M University and the University of Florida College of Medicine. 748 more words

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Easy Banana Bread Recipe

Well, hello blogging world! I am Isabella, I like food puns, and I am the new health/fitness/lifestyle blogger on the block. Basically I am here to track my own weight loss journey and help you start/continue your own. 521 more words

Medical Alert Bracelet

As long as I could remember I have searched for a stylish medical alert bracelet.  Lets be honest guys and gals if we need to wear them we want them to at least look great.   102 more words

Type 1

Are all Diabetes cases the same? NO.

This is something I get questioned about often.  My Diabetes has come up in conversation of course with people from time to time.  I always get this very confused look from them and they say, “ Well geez you don’t look like a diabetic you are so thin.”  Ok so, here is the deal I am a Type1, which is insulin dependent, and an autoimmune disease.  198 more words

Type 1