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Do you have something to say about hydrogenated fats in food products in Canada? Have your say.

I love conversations that surround government food and health policies. You see, government policies influence a lot of what we find in our food environments so if food quality, access, affordability matter to you please be involved. 367 more words

Health Canada

Opinion: Answering the difficult questions about drug safety

The Hippocatic oath says “I will use medicine to help the sick … but never with a view to injury.” That poses a unique problem for physicians because all medications have the power to heal and the power to hurt. 625 more words


Infection risk for heart surgery patients in Saskatoon Health Region

At least 2,173 people who underwent open-heart surgery in Saskatoon in the last five years are being warned of the risk of infection.

The issue stems from a heating and cooling device used during the procedure to change the temperature of a patient’s blood, according to the… 237 more words


Viewpoint: First Nations making big gains against HIV/AIDS

A great deal of public discussion has been focused on HIV/AIDs recently, but overlooked often in these conversations are the significant achievements that First Nations are making in preventing the further spread of HIV in their communities. 686 more words


Why knowing what’s in packaged food matters

Have your say as to what’s in our food

Many people believe that the easiest route to healthy eating is to simply avoid any food that’s packaged. 607 more words


How widespread are prescription error problems in Canada? We don't really know

More than 600 million medical prescriptions were dispensed by Canadian pharmacies last year, but experts say there’s little information about how often Canadians are mistakenly given the wrong medicine and no national tracking system. 711 more words


Watchlist Review: What happens to companies that never become Midas picks?

Since March of this year, when I joined the Financial Post in my most recent incarnation, I have discussed a total of 28 companies on my monthly watchlist. 957 more words

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