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Obamacare: New bad news, new worse news

Seriously, it’s Saturday and I shouldn’t be having to do this.*  But the new bad news about Obamacare just keeps on coming.

So we’ll keep it short.  195 more words

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The Pants on Fire Report: Covered California required insurers to cancel plans

President Obama blamed health-insurance cancellations on “bad-apple” insurers, who presumably offered and then cancelled the lousy, cut-rate insurance plan that you liked, but don’t get to keep, because they (the insurers) are bruised and full of worms. 903 more words

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Why Americans will never “grow up” as long as we have Medicare

Beth Haynes writes at Pajamas Media today that Americans need to grow up, and stop thinking we can, in her metaphor, choose and eat cake we haven’t paid for. 1,097 more words

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There is a qualifier that GOP politicians, and many pundits, keep putting on their opposition to Obamacare, Cap-and-Trade, and other onerous, intrusive, and destructive statist measures being advanced by the Obama-led American left.  743 more words

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Beneficiary Limbo

Those of us who are covered by TRICARE insurance – military retirees and military family members – are in a holding pattern this week, along with Medicare beneficiaries.  1,026 more words

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Health Care: Yep. It Was All About the 1970s

Most conservatives have been keying on the implication of this New York Times article that Obamacare is, too, all about “redistribution of wealth.”  (You can’t redistribute wealth, but that’s another issue.)  Uh-huh, uh-huh, sure enough.  1,460 more words

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