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Employers saving thousands on medical bills due to up-front pricing | KFOR.com

Yet there are still many among us who refuse to believe that price honesty in an open market can “bend the healthcare cost curve” – let alone that it is essential for affordable healthcare. 45 more words

The GOP Congress Needs to Get Back to Fundamentals

Granted that it is hard to implement good policy with a populist President like Donald Trump who is most interested in stirring up his base, nevertheless the Republican Congress is making some serious policy mistakes: 261 more words

Jack Heidel

A Different Perspective on U.S. Healthcare Reform

U.S. healthcare policy is now in limbo. The Affordable Care Act has withstood Congressional attempts to repeal it, but it has many flaws which need to be repaired.  278 more words

Jack Heidel

Moving Forward on Healthcare Reform: Emphasize Cost Control

Now that the Republicans have failed to replace the Affordable Care Act with a poor substitute, it is likely that a bipartisan plan will emerge.  Both sides want changes in the existing structure of the ACA.  240 more words

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The Need to Put Medicaid on a Budget

The GOP healthcare plan, both the House version and the Senate version, are highly imperfect. Yet they each do one thing which is badly needed. 301 more words

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The Republican-controlled Senate has just released its proposed bill to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act, or ACA, that is in most respects similar to the two Republican-controlled House proposed bills.  368 more words

Can the GOP Produce on Healthcare?

The House of Representatives, after much struggle, was finally able to pass a healthcare bill, The American Health Care Act.  Now it’s the Senate’s turn to pass its own version and it, too, is turning out to be a struggle. 309 more words

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