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China's doctor shortage prompts rush for AI health care -- Man's inability to care for mankind?

Qu Jianguo, 64, had a futuristic medical visit in Shanghai as he put his wrist through an automated pulse-taking machine and received the result within two minutes on a mobile phone — without a doctor present. 579 more words

DOOMED - Marilyn Armstrong

Weekly Word Prompt: ATM Germs

We are doomed.

Yesterday — or was it the day before? — we got our super flu shots. These are hyped up uber-potent shots they give to us older folks because we are more likely to get sick than younger people. 536 more words

Marilyn Armstrong

Mask PHI to Prevent HIPAA Violations

Health care is a business that runs on information. Patient contact numbers, their insurance carrier, the dates and locations where they were seen, the issues being treated and medicines given are just some of the information flowing freely through computer networks. 639 more words

Nova Scotia still lacks bedsore policy for nursing homes

The province still doesn’t have a provincial policy in place for the treatment and management of bedsores, even though it committed to doing so earlier this year. 351 more words


Day 262!

It’s day 262 of the Unified Caring Association 365 Days of Caring Challenge! Make someone’s difficult situation better today by offering a helping hand. So many folks feel burdened, and many, many of us could do more. 6 more words


The Week from Hell

As you may have guessed, this past week wasn’t the greatest.

I woke up on Thursday morning (which was supposed to be a swimming morning!) with the right side of my face completely swollen. 575 more words

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