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What not freedom from…?

As I write, about 9:30 on a Saturday morning, a clown with a megaphone speaks drivel. He’s addressing a small, rain-soaked crowd of religious zealots assembled across the street from a Planned Parenthood facility a half-block from my humble downtown abode. 157 more words


Being alone is bad for our health

“No man is an island,
Entire of itself,
Every man is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.”

So wrote the English poet…

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United States

Buddha on disease . . .

My initial response to the graphic below was “Right On!”  However, on reflection, there is a huge caveat that must be appended to it.

2500 years ago, mankind’s greatest threats were communicable disease and large predatory animals.  60 more words


TAPIF Tip / Lecteur Lesson: Everything You Need to Know About Health Insurance and the MGEN

In France, everyone legally residing in the country is entitled to health insurance to cover the cost of medical care. There are two parts to the French system: The basic coverage ( 2,067 more words


When i come to this country I was married to an English man.

When i come to this country I was married to an English man. He had HIV. After one year of marriage it didn’t work because he wanted to fuck me in my bum. 239 more words

Kevin Neville received President's Award

Upstate Medical University presented 16 awards at its fall convocation Sept. 16. The President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, College of Health Professions, was given to Kevin Neville. 575 more words


Invisible illnesses: intestinal conditions and the mental health issues they cause.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s disease, coeliac disease, food intolerances and other gut/intestinal problems are still treated with contempt in society. Discussing any troubles in going to the bathroom is (at best) considered impolite chatter around the table, but for the people living with such conditions it is a daily, gruelling struggle which few understand. 1,244 more words