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Things That are Breaking My Heart & Things That are Filling It 

At my health center I’ve started weighing babies, which sounds much more glamorous and adorable than it actually is.  What it basically entails is me sitting next to a standing scale and hanging scale with a basket, smiling expectantly, asking patients, “Sister, please may I weigh your child?” (creepy in English, polite in Khmer), and making all the children cry.   1,044 more words

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What freshman year has taught me in two months

Alexis Marchitte—I am only a freshman, but college has taught me more about life in these short 2 months that I’ve been here than I experienced my whole high school career. 876 more words

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Doing All of the Integration.

The past few weeks I’ve been “adjusting to life as a Peace Corps Volunteer.”  Which really just means that I’ve been walking around meeting people, biking around seeing things, and spending several hours in my room entertaining myself with tv shows, books, studying, and art and crafts.  954 more words

Peace Corps

Mission # 1 Complete

I started writing this blog a few days ago, but the Internet has not be strong enough to download it until now.  I have left RG and an heading north, but not before a quick stop at Chobe for brunch and free, strong wifi! 671 more words

Iswarya Fertility Centre Chennai Reviews

Chennai Reviews:-

Other than different components, iswarya fruitfulness focus survey has it that specialists are available whenever of the day. You will improve remedial thought if the specialist is open to help you when you oblige him. 273 more words

Iswarya Best Fertility Clinic

Selecting Your Specialist in Iswarya Fertility Centre

Iswarya Fertility Centre:-

Iswarya Fertility Centre has the pool of universally qualified practitioner’s guarantees that you get the best asset in all restorative potency to offer you the best conceivable treatment choices. 247 more words

Iswarya Best Fertility Clinic

Iswarya Fertility Centre- Get The Best Specialists

Iswarya Fertility Centre:-

The iswarya fertility center for offers world-class fertility treatment in India with cutting edge methodology and hardware has been making high progress rates. 209 more words

Iswarya Best Fertility Clinic