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Second, ​the Veterinarian had to come

Veterinarian Stephanie came and made a health check on both Rihanna and GummiBear. We knew GummiBear had some health issues, and of course we wanted to know so we could get the best and correct treatment in for him. 156 more words

Database Goals: 5 Goals To Set for 2018

Uh oh. Has 2017 just come and gone? And you’ve still not got ’round to cleaning up your property management database? It was there at the top of your ‘to-do’ list last year – but now it’s 2018 and it’s taking you forever to access your valuable information. 629 more words

Finding the heart of the Adelaide Fringe

For years the fringe has been growing, branching out, spawning satellites like an alien fungus, but is it reaching its own end of days? It looks good, but how is it feeling? 901 more words


Generating Statspack, AWR and ADDM reports


The Statspack package is a set of SQL, PL/SQL, and SQL*Plus scripts that allow the collection, automation, storage, and viewing of performance data. Statspack stores the performance statistics permanently in Oracle tables, which can later be used for reporting and analysis. 502 more words

Things to do during a Database Health Check


The Monitoring of predefined events that generates a message or warning when a certain threshold has been exceeded. The database health check is required for the following reason: 639 more words

But, Can I keep my socks on?

I recently went for my health check, annual asthma check and smear test all in one go with the surgery nurse. I don’t believe in doing things by halves. 226 more words


Vodka, pies and the incredible shrinking woman

Some time ago I received a letter saying that my name had been pulled out in a draw where the lucky winners get to attend a free ‘NHS Health Check’ (well, that’s not quite the story – apparently these checks are offered to everyone aged between forty and seventy-four and as luck would have it, I happen to fall somewhere in that category.  1,025 more words