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Diary of a Mole: part 3

It’s now a waiting game with several possible outcomes.

Thanks so much for joining me on this journey – it helps a lot.

Love Ali x

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Inspiration. A word which signifies hope, passion, vigour, light, future, love, joy, triumph, decision, strength, ability, desire and many connotations in between. It paves the way for a new path – one that is brighter, easier, happier and more satisfying than others before it. 96 more words


Push, Prod and Poke! (My Annual Physical Exam: Part Two)

(This post originally appeared on my main http://www.bunkarydo.com site on February 10th, 2016.)

It was the kind of efficient system an army might use, although any country that’d had to depend for its protection on me and the other motley assortment of office workers in the waiting room might as well have simply handed over the keys of the presidential palace to the invading army and let them get on with it. 1,476 more words


The Long Wait for a Perfect Physical Specimen

I just walked into the living room and there it was, taking up one of the few remaining areas of free space in our small apartment. 1,272 more words


BBC TV report: Could Brazil be the fattest nation in the world by 2030?

BBC World TV

SÃO PAULO — Is Brazil destined to be the fattest country in the world? Some experts say it could be, and as soon as 2030. 53 more words


Russian blue duet or the trip to the vets

If you have a pet, you will know what it is like having to drag your poor little defenceless furry (or maybe not furry) friend to this strange place that smells funny, has weird and unusual noises and people in scrubs who poke their little faces and bellies, look at their teeth, stick sharp needles into them, or even worse ( 703 more words


6 Point Health Check

Your pet’s health is just as important as your own, right? So it makes sense that just like humans, pets have their own checklist of health requirements to keep them in tip-top shape. 347 more words

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