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7 Health Benefits of Eating Broccoli

I recently worked with someone on healthy ways to prepare her body for pregnancy. Broccoli kept coming up as one of the healthiest vegetables to get a lot of her necessary nutrients in. 360 more words


Angsty Autumn

Seasonal sadness is a thing that happens to people. Regular sadness is a thing that happens to people. People have anxiety. People have depression. People have problems. 683 more words

Healthy Opportunities

Do we want to be vulnerable?

VULNERABILITY… I have an unpopular opinion.

That is that I hate the idea of being vulnerable. The word is often thrown around in groups of women, in movies, and on social media. 131 more words


We’re ambitious humans. Especially those of us in this circle, who continually want to improve our health and wellness.

Last year, my goals for my body were more lofty. 138 more words

24 Things I Have Learned in 24 Years

I have officially lapped the sun 24 times. It’s funny because at one point in my life I felt like 24 was so old, but now that I am here I feel like my life is only beginning. 794 more words

Healthy Opportunities

The 425 Show Podcast

Tune in for this chat with Nicole Mangina about how important habits are for our health and wellbeing!

In this episode, we talk about decision fatigue and why automating these habits can help us think about our health… 133 more words

100 Day Virgin Pulse Global Challenge- How I stayed accountable and motivated.

I just finished my 2nd annual 100 day virgin pulse global challenge.

It is a wellness challenge, focusing on physical activity, nutrition, sleep, balance, mindfulness, stress busters, team support and accountability that we did with teams from work. 718 more words