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Is it just me or is cardio totally worth suffering through just for the endorphins that flood your body after?! People always ask me how I stick to working out. 141 more words



For a few weeks now I have been thinking about how to surround myself with more positive things and just as importantly, how to minimize my time with things that I do not find fulfilling or rewarding.  512 more words


Enhanced Hip Flexor Stretch Exercise With Elastic Band

In this post:

  • demonstration of a hip flexor stretch exercise enhanced with an elastic band.
  • to assess how much hip flexor stretching you may need, use the…
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The Future. 

I’ve mentioned before that college doesn’t seem to be my jam. I’m good at college but ultimately, it just isn’t for me. Does that mean I’m dropping out? 138 more words


Enhanced Calf Stretch Exercise

In this post:

  • how to enhance and optimize your calf stretching with an elastic band.
  • for best results perform this exercise immediately after a self myofascial release technique such as…
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5 Reasons You Bloat More as You Age

Bloating is generally the result of not being able to properly digest foods. These not-so-digested foods feel like they’re just sitting around causing discomfort and a general feeling of being stuffed and “gassy”. 698 more words


10 Ways to Care for Your Kid's Brain

People don’t often put a lot of thought into their own mental health. We can’t see the brain, so we don’t make talking care of it a priority like we do with other aspects of health. 1,475 more words

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