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How to Have a Guilt-free, No-regrets Thanksgiving

Have you ever felt guilty after a big Thanksgiving dinner? What about regrets? Maybe you ate too much and felt bloated or suffered from indigestion… 725 more words

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Health and Happiness

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Happiness is a mysterious emotion, though it is one that we would all like to experience in our lives. Maintaining a positive mental outlook can greatly help with stress management.  154 more words

Integrative Nutrition

I like to emphasize the importance of local and organic produce, whole grains, high-quality proteins, plant-based fats, and water. >> Best produce to eat in November… 420 more words

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What is it about putting something off that is torture to the soul, but at the same time feels so good?

It’s like hitting the snooze button and believing work will not start on time today. 916 more words

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Healthy Holiday Tips

Every Wednesday morning I lead a walking/running class at Breakaway, a program that runs out of North Langley Community Church. For this week I’ve been asked to speak for about 5 minutes to the collective group of women and give them some fun and light healthy holiday tips. 786 more words

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Hate Your Work? Learn How to Turn it Around.

Do you hate your work? If you love your work, you have something to be grateful for. But what if you’re one of the many who don’t? 952 more words

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