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Keep on Keepin' On

We had our follow-up meeting with our Health Coach and while still seeing improvements in stool consistency with Number 1, his behavior has not been as good. 332 more words

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Pammilton Jones ( aka- my mom) ** some language 

Pam’s making some steady-ish progress. Steady-ish meaning she’s working on some of her household and organizational changes we have made.

Dietary Modifcations we have made- quitting smoking, guzzling sugary drinks, sitting on the couch the majority of the day ehhh… not so much. 759 more words

Get My Book Sick Idiot: On Sale Now!

The time has come: Sick Idiot has arrived!

You can now order my funny-yet-inspiring nonfiction health memoir, Sick Idiot, in paperback!

Chapter titles include: 332 more words

The answer to the age old question: "What came first....?"

The age old question:  “What came first…the chicken or the egg?”  If the egg came first, where did the egg come from?  And if the chicken came first, where did the chicken come from?  636 more words

Health Coach

Talking to myself & Taking deep breaths.

As much as I intend to get back to the story of how my health & fitness journey began, I must fist share the story of how I became a triathlete. 406 more words

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5 Easy Ways to Immediately Improve your Health

  • Drink water
    • I know everyone says this but do you ever take action? Make it a daily assignment to refill that water bottle every couple of hours.
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Massage my kale? I'm not sure about that.

Pulling into the precious Bouldin Creek Cafe in Austin, Texas to meet with Michelle, I was hoping my weekend of Taco Cabana breakfast tacos and drive thru daquiris wouldn’t come up in conversation. 461 more words

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