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Do you notice the bee’s knees?  That was just an easy pun. Forgive me for I know exactly what I say.  I am not a fan of bees.   669 more words

When the sky is falling

Don’t that mean over come from problems, paralyzed.  That means the work envirment makes you like them useless feeling. depressed, negative all the time.

So there has to be a way be positive.  29 more words


Body Positivity Is Great. Period

If you are not a doctor, you don’t have the right to define someone’s health.

This article was originally published with The Odyssey on July 10, 2017. 1,007 more words

Comebacks I Don't Say to "You're So Skinny!"

I’m aware that this might not be popular. But it’s such a double standard! You would never, ever consider making the same-ish comment to a heavier person. 1,453 more words


spring woods 72 reunion

its in oct on blalock better bring a way not to get a DWI. Any thing really goes there. Gofer remembers the one at Tin Barn and the first one.


8 Naturally Ways to Whiten Your Teeth without Harsh Chemicals

Teeth Whitening Can Make Your Teeth Pearly White, Sparkling and Beautiful          

  • Brush Teeth with Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Brush with Baking Soda after Meals…
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Keep all your windows and doors closed and stay inside during the time trash is being picked up and dumped into the trash trucks, otherwise dust and dirt particles from the dumping of neighborhood trash cans will waft through air and end up settling not only on everything in your home but, more importantly, in your lungs.

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