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The Benefit of Massage Therapy in Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Care

While most people are familiar with physical therapy and massage therapy, many are unaware of the role that they can play together in the arena of overall care. 527 more words

Health Concerns

Wearing Skinny Jeans May Cause Nerve Damage

We have long known that wearing tight clothing can cause damage to the cutaneous nerves that travel just under our skin. A common type of cutaneous nerve damage is called meralgia paraesthetica, which typically occurs when tight pants compress the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve that travels along the upper outer thigh region. 293 more words

Health Concerns

Three Health Concerns to Consider Before You Go Scuba Diving

Deena Williamson serves as general counsel and corporate secretary for business outsourcing company IBEX Global. In her free time, Deena Williamson enjoys scuba diving. If you want to try scuba diving, first consider these three health issues. 155 more words

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Are you plagued by a wart that refuses to go away in spite of applying various over-the-counter drugstore preparations and/or scheduling doctor’s visits resulting in surgery which added up to hundreds of dollars only to have the wart reappear? 42 more words

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What's Wrong with Triclosan? | Ask Dr. Weil

Q: What’s the latest on triclosan? Looks like it’s still being used in antibiotic soaps and lots of other products. I thought the FDA was supposed to review the safety of this stuff but that was a while ago. 488 more words

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Why you should care more about your health

There are days and then there are days.

Yesterday wasn’t so bad in the sense that lots of bad things happened but more of a culmination of things concerning my mom’s health. 804 more words