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What Happens When Kids Can't Go to School?

(This picture in the NY Times, Monday, September 26, shows migrant children being taught at the disused tobacco factory that serves as the Oraiokastro refugee camp in northern Greece. 707 more words

Definite Possibility

Definite Possibility

With a face like an unsculpted lump
and a vast, dinosaurian rump,
Crooked Hillary cries:
“Lester! Check that guy’s lies!
And, if I have a seizure, blame Trump!” 6 more words

Ongeza volume ya TV: 10 simple ways to bust your cheating spouse

1. Chuna mtoto

A number of men in the corporate world who travel a lot and suspect their wives could be professional ‘bedminton’ players often make surprise calls with requests to salimia ‘Boi’ and when told he’s asleep, they demand “mchune aamke!” which is a way of confirming kama mama watoto ako nyumbani. 427 more words

Health Concerns

Impending Recovery

Impending Recovery

Hillary had a time that was rough.
Blamed the heat — then pneumonia and stuff.
What a pitiful show!
She’s the Democrat, though– 22 more words

Can't Keep Up with Hillary

Can’t Keep Up with Hillary

“Trump’s a goofball, a nutcase, a dunce!
In his speech to Republican cunts,
he spoke clearly, at length,
about safety and strength– 14 more words

Five school names in Kenya that will leave you blushing and embarrassed

The Nairobian sampled some interesting schools names. Here goes:

1. Magui Secondary School 

This mixed day school in Vihiga County may not sound absurd to locals, but when the school came to Nairobi during the national music festivals, students from Central Kenya were aghast. 167 more words

Health Concerns

9 Foods to Avoid When Your Tummy Hurts

How to settle your stomach

If you’re in pain or have nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or other symptoms, you’d do anything to feel better.

Luckily most stomach bugs are short-lived. 713 more words

Health Concerns