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Mental Illness and ‘Community’: Oft used, seldom defined, and poorly understood

By Dr. Sean Kidd, Head of the Psychology Service of CAMH’s Schizophrenia Services and Assistant Professor with the University of Toronto Department of Psychiatry

The term “community” is a central concept in mental health reform and recovery conversations. 1,000 more words


Access to Health Care: It’s a Right and It’s Personal 

By Jill Zorn

Amidst all of the political wrangling surrounding the passage and implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), we sometimes forget what access to coverage truly means for the millions of people who have now gained it. 380 more words


My New Man Crush - the U.S. Surgeon General

… and it’s not because he’s my age with a face that looks 10 years younger. Not just that at least.

I watched Wednesday’s swearing-in ceremony for the new Surgeon General, … 726 more words

Policy And Systems Change

Is Scalability Overrated?

Scalability is the end goal of nearly every tech start-up, systems innovation, and teenager you-tubing their cat – it’s going viral, business-style. And traditionally, it’s been seen as a marker of relevance and success. 719 more words

Medicine And Me

HIV Transmission -> What We Know & Why States Are Getting It Wrong

By: Andrew Shaughnessy, Manager of Public Policy
PROMO Missouri

AIDS.gov states that certain body fluids from an HIV-positive person can transmit HIV.

The body fluids mentioned are: Blood, Semen (cum), Pre-seminal fluid (pre-cum), Recital fluids, Vaginal fluids, & Breast milk. 252 more words

Why You Should Attend Reform to Transform Spring 2015… #R2T

By Stephanye R. Clarke, self-proclaimed #PublicHealthGeek

Recently, I have written blogs about everything from Black Men’s Health to connecting poverty and housing to good health. 252 more words


The Healthy Buzz: Zain Ismail on Using Tech for Health Equity

Interview With Zain Ismail: Using Technology for Health Equity

As a business student who has studied the healthcare system in both Canada and the US, I believe deeply that cross-border collaboration is vital as we approach health care challenges in the future. 876 more words

The Healthy Buzz