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Stevia by any other name would taste as sweet

On our Active Wellness blog, we’ve discussed the harmful effects of sugar consumption. We’ve also shown the hard-to-access monk fruit as a wonderful zero-calorie sweetener… 357 more words

Home Treatments To Treatment Teeth Decay And Cavities

Cavities are the result of a deficiency of numerous vitamins inside the body. if your weight-reduction plan lacks in nutrients, calcium, and magnesium then this deficiency bring about decay of teeth and cavities. 304 more words

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Potatoes Aren't Scary, They're a GOOD CARB

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Meet Mister Potato. Did you know he provides essential carbohydrates, potassium, and energy?? Potatoes are nutrient-dense complex carbs, and they contain as much, if not more, of several essential vitamins and minerals than spaghetti, brown rice or whole wheat bread (compared on a per-serving basis). 424 more words


Unhealthy Food Cravings are a Sign that Your Body Lacks Minerals!

Next time if you feel intense craving for something supposedly unhealthy like donuts, chocolate, refined carbs or salty snacks, don’t happily eat them since these foods are not going to stop your craving. 75 more words


Carrot and celery soup 

Over the weekend I’m giving my body a break from a fast paced working week of eating out and eating to fuel. Some tlc with soup and veg this weekend. 191 more words

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Take Vitamin D regularly to keep away from Respiratory Diseases

Next time if you suffer with acute respiratory infections, don’t ignore your Vitamin D status which plays a significantly effective role in prevention from respiratory diseases, claimed by a new research paper published online in journal… 191 more words


Thank our fruit-hunting ancestors for the color vision in Humans

Humans with red-green color blindness, see a different spectrum blame it to the dichromacy (two types of cone cells) rather than trichromacy (three types of cone cells) in normal Humans. 228 more words

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