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Thank our fruit-hunting ancestors for the color vision in Humans

Humans with red-green color blindness, see a different spectrum blame it to the dichromacy (two types of cone cells) rather than trichromacy (three types of cone cells) in normal Humans. 228 more words


I'm NOT Perfect...I'm Just ME.

Hi Friends. It’s time to get real for a moment. I often post about my progress and successes, but today I want to get vulnerable in the midst of feeling like a hot mess. 703 more words

Health Facts

Chaga tea

Chaga tea ready!

Directions :

Simply put one spoon in a litre of boiling water and simmer for an hour and then serve with a drop of honey 🍯 or agave. 203 more words

Vegan Day

Can't Lose Weight? Check Your Thyroid!

Your thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in your neck that is responsible for nearly all of your metabolic processes, including brain function/cognition, female hormone balance, fertility, GI function, body temperature, cardiovascular function, and lipid/cholesterol metabolism.  1,019 more words

Health Facts

5 Nebraskan Asian Facts You Didn't Know (As Relayed By a Nebraskan Asian)

By Mekenzie K.

I’m 21 years old and still find myself asking “Am I an Asian-American?” in certain situations.

At 21 years old that probably sounds like a ridiculous thing to question, but part of the reason I’m never quite sure is because I’m also an adoptee. 535 more words

3 Horrifying Consequences of Sleep Deprivation

Did you ever find yourselves staring at a computer screen and then realise that it’s 3 o’clock in the morning? Did you ever stay up late just to finish that one assignment that’s due the next day? 698 more words


The Final Straw to Change

What is the final straw for change for YOU? I know for me, it’s feeling like crap. Aka: fatigue, brain fog, digestive issues, skin breakouts, moodiness, irritability and anxiety…sometimes mild depression too.  566 more words

Health Facts