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Jacqueline Cooks

Hey guys!  I just wanted to tell you quickly about a new place to dine here in Salt Lake County. My friend Jacqueline has just opened up her restaurant called Jacqueline Cooks! 206 more words


Comparing Different Starches

I learned a long time ago that every part of the world lives off of a different grain or staple (a source of starch eaten every day).   557 more words

Three Easy Ways To Have a Healthier Halloween Party

What’s not to like about Halloween? Whether you are a fan of the creative costumes, the super-spooky stories or the loads of sweet treats, there really is something that everyone can enjoy about the holiday. 680 more words


Protein is essential for health. Essential amino acids (EAAs) are proteins that the body can’t make – so we have to eat them (1). Protein is not just for muscle growth and repair, it’s needed for cells, the brain, antibody production… a lot of vital things! 463 more words


Mental Health Tips for Women — When Women Inspire

There are lots of things that can affect mental health, including our work and home environments. Here are a few tips for women.

via Mental Health Tips for Women — When Women Inspire

One Crazy Night at the Salad Bar

Meanwhile…back at the ranch…dressing…we see clearly that this cheaper brand of ranch dressing didn’t cover the salad quite as well as the more expensive brands. Ahem, there’s no polite way to say this, but we must face up to the truth. 267 more words

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Like other oils, coconut oil is calorie-dense, which means consuming large amounts without reducing other calorie sources can lead to weight gain.

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