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I'm reminded once again why I eat lamb chops

it’s not for my health
all that fat
but I’ll take
a second portion
for the taste

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Date + coconut bites

Fifteen servings. Takes around thirty minutes.



Refined sugar-free

Raw, energy-dense, packed with antioxidants.

fifteen pitted dates   /   half a mug of dried coconut   /  one mug of ground almonds   /    135 more words


Farmer's Cafe teams up with Namrata Purohit

Mumbai, India

You are what you eat, and Pilates coach extraordinaire Namrata Purohit is taking one crucial step to bridging the binary choice between taste and health with a new collaboration with Mumbai-based eatery, Farmers’ Café. 117 more words


Why Raw Nutrition?

Why Raw Nutrition? As the name suggests, Raw Nutrition produces 100% raw foods, with the goal of providing nutrition in the most potent way possible. That means plants! 53 more words


Probiotics Should Be a Regular Part of Your Diet

Probiotics. Everyone is saying you need them, and guess what? They’re right. But before you can figure out what works best for your body, you have to know what exactly probiotics are and the role they play in your health. 186 more words


Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! Starting your day off making good decisions for your health tends to continue to lead you to make good decisions for the remainder of the day! 319 more words

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STAY TUNED: The history of soul food

We’re cooking up a little something something to help tell you why food is good for your soul, but isn’t always good for you!

Stay tuned…the Soulful Dish is coming to a podcast near you 7 more words

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