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7 healthy eating strategies when you have no time

I get it, everyone is busy, running to appointment after appointment, meeting deadlines and completing projects. In those periods eating healthy might seem like an impossible task. 540 more words

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Spaghetti Squash Burrito Bowls

YUM.  That’s what my BF said anyway!

In an effort to cook and eat more healthy foods, I endeavored to prepare a meal using spaghetti squash for the first time in my life. 255 more words

Chocolate & Berry English Tea 🍵

I found it at Tj Maxx for $2.00.

I may have found the best of both worlds: chocolate that can be consumed from a tea bag!!

41 more words
Health & Food

#Nomnom : Health food at Cafe Pranah

Love yourself enough to lead a healthy lifestyle

How difficult is it to love your body and satiate your soul at the same time? It is certainly not as difficult as it seems. 213 more words


Food, politics and An Ode to bacon, without any rhyming

Some days when I get up and watch the news, I want to go back to bed and pretend I didn’t get up.  I’m sick of the finger pointing and blame casting and name calling.   572 more words

How to Save Friends From That Pie High

Pumpkin plays nicely with all kinds of organic sweeteners, making it easy to swap out refined sugar if you’re worried about health or sustainability. Over… 58 more words

Stick a Skip in Your Step

I read a quote once by an author I don’t remember that went: “It is unlikely you’ll find enlightenment through vegetarianism, but on your way to enlightenment it is likely you’ll find vegetarianism along the path” or something like that. 519 more words