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Chocolate Superfood

                                                     Raw cacao superfood

Whilst backpacking Central America, I noticed that natural remedies were important and frequently used by the local people. They don’t turn to drugs for health, they look to nature. 274 more words


Natural Remedies: Kick-in-the-Ass Juice Recipe

Give your whole body a jump start.

Drink this ultra healthy remedy daily to support almost every system in the body. You will notice your focus and energy increase (skip the coffee) your digestion will become smoother and an all around boost in the physical quality of life. 163 more words


My Veggie Year- Week 3

Week 3 of this lifestyle change is coming to an end. This week I upped my workouts from 3x to 5x. Monday-Wednesday-Friday I run on the treadmill, Tuesday-Thursday I work on abs/arms. 134 more words



Last month I was introduced to a group as a 35-year-old for the 49th time who is obsessed and unusually enthusiastic about his subject.  It is appropriate that I mention I was wearing my bright orange WAFOWASL shirt and my bright red running shoes and speaking to a group of professionals dressed in business attire. 466 more words

Health And Wellness

Pizza Pizza! But without the crust

For past week (officially) Preston and I have gone meatless! He switched from chicken to beans in his meal prepped lunches; I upped my carbs (and yes my weight is doing just fine because I am still tracking and eating 1300 calories) and reduced the overall protein in my diet. 362 more words


Inside Out Egg Roll; AKA Egg Roll in a Bowl

Asian health food? Yes Please!

The first time I made this I used ground beef because I already had a bunch all cooked up in the fridge, it had a bit more of a chow mein taste to it, still really good, but not full on egg roll. 569 more words

Mom Life

The least you can do...

To improve your health and turn your life around, is to stop eating so much dairy and gluten.  That stuff is almost poisonous.

This minor adjustment, and perhaps to some it’s not so minor, can make a remarkable impact on your health and strength.   237 more words