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Merge #Edgov & #HHSgov encourage whole person approach and community approach

  • Meeting special needs
  • Teaching to maximize individual potential and capabilities
  • Develop a skilled workforce beginning in high school…
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Department Of Education

Harvard’s minimum wage protests were caused by its own professors

Via NY Post: The social-justice warriors of Harvard are on the march again, this time in solidarity with the university’s dining-hall workers. Students and faculty have spent the past few days protesting low wages and an increase in health-care premiums for the people serving their grilled cheese, french fries and occasional lobster dinners. 729 more words


California petitions to become first state to offer ObamaCare to illegal immigrants

Shocker, not.

From Fox News: California’s health care exchange is requesting that it be allowed a waiver from ObamaCare regulations in order to allow illegal immigrants to buy insurance on the exchange… 336 more words


The Obamacare Shuffle

Obamacare took another hit this past week as the Government Accounting Office, better known as the GAO came out with a scathing report on Health and Human Services. 505 more words

#MillionsMissing Protest Coverage

Sept. 27th was a day of national and international protesting and recognition of #millionsmissing.  ME, myalgic encephalomyelitis, is a greatly disabling, debilitating disease.

ME has been pushed to the sidelines for several decades by the HHS, CDC, NIH and governments around the world, as a figment of the patients’ imaginations.  148 more words

Health Issues

ObamaCare rates set to skyrocket for most New Yorkers

Via NY Post: About 350,000 New Yorkers who have individual policies under ObamaCare are going to get whacked with an average 16.6 percent premium increase next year… 180 more words


Humana pulls out of ObamaCare exchange plans

Going as planned…

Via NY Post: Count it as another nail in ObamaCare’s coffin: Humana, one of the country’s top insurers, announced Thursday that it’s pulling out of ObamaCare exchange plans in all but a few states next year… 299 more words