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Health Informatics Study Visits– 2

In the previous blog i had begun documenting some of the study visits, i have participated as part of the previous course in the health informatics.                           470 more words

Hololens: a 3D future for healthcare?

During the 1st Philippine Healthcare Social Media Summit last Saturday, Microsoft announced something that I can only imagine whenever I daydream on my way to work or watch in futuristic sci-fi movies: augmented reality or blending holograms with the real world. 501 more words


Information Systems and Health Informatics - reflection on the paper "The Role of Digital Communication in Patient-Clinician Communication" by Dr Eleni Karasouli

Information Technology continues to advance and influence growth across several sectors of economies of countries across the globe. The pervasive nature of the internet and constant innovations in information and communication technology, information systems, cloud computing, mobile devices, and the Internet of Things, have led to disruptions in how we do business, how we work, and how we live. 375 more words

Information Systems

My first #HealthXPH tweet chat

I’ve been on Twitter for a couple of years now but until recently, I’ve always considered it merely as a microblogging service: a platform where people can rant and explode their brain farts in the World Wide Web. 643 more words


Northern Lights in Kiruna (or not)

In 2013 a study conducted by TravelSupermarket revealed that majority of Britons who had lists of travel experience they feel they must do before they die wanted to see the northern lights (albeit in Norway, I don’t know why, don’t they know it’s “cheaper” in Sweden?). 478 more words


Health Informatics Study Visit - 1

The health informatics program is not all about classroom lectures and seminars.     One of the unique experiences of the previous courses, i.e Healthcare organization and management (only for students with computer science background)  and Computer applications in healthcare is that we had number of study visits… 440 more words