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The Seven Deadly Sins of eHealth - Part 2

H. Dominic Covvey, National Institutes of Health Informatics

The last sin-full installment addressed eLust, eGluttony, eGreed and eSloth, the first four of the seven deadly sins that afflict eHealth professionals. 1,467 more words


eHealth Doublespeak - Enteric Coating for our Problems

H. Dominic Covvey, National Institutes of Health Informatics

Maybe we should just change words so things sound better!

Sittig’s Grand Challenges

Almost exactly 20 years ago, Dean Sittig wrote an important article about the Grand Challenges in medical informatics (1). 3,430 more words


The Seven Deadly eSins of eHealth – Part 1

H. Dominic Covvey, National Institutes of Health Informatics

It might be interesting to reflect on what might be some of the roots to problems that plague us in Health Informatics and eHealth. 1,146 more words


Welcome to NIHI's New Blog!

Welcome to the New Blog of the National Institutes of Health Informatics (NIHI)!

This is a very exciting day for us at NIHI! We’re launching a whole new platform for discussing everything to do with health informatics and eHealth. 121 more words


Know your user: successful IT system in healthcare 

Sharing a few of my reflections on some concepts which has been shaped by the health informatics program so far regarding challenges of developing software systems for clinical or medical settings. 406 more words


From winter to spring, how it looks like in Stockholm

The changing of the seasons has been one of the most striking and memorable things about living here in Stockholm. Before coming here eight months ago, I had only known two seasons: wet and dry (or some would say wet and wetter if you are from the islands in the southern part of the Philippines) so I made it a point to take video clips of where I live and the daily commute to school. 81 more words


Health Informatics and Dead Philosophers

Standardization in health informatics is one of the courses in Term 2 of the MSc in Health Informatics at KI. In this course you learn a new set of abbreviations for standards (such as SNOMED, LOINC, HL7, OpenEHR, ICD10 etc) that helps health information systems developed by various groups “talk” to each other. 365 more words

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