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“Data is the new gold” is the mantra of our age. The data scientist has been termed the “sexiest job of the 21st century… 781 more words


Accessing the OpenMRS Demo

OpenMRS is a global project that attempts to address the challenges of the health industry related to capturing and managing health data. The platform was recently updated to version 2.1.2 and deployment of the software has grown in the last few years. 90 more words

Health Informatics

Archived EdX Courses on Health Informatics Part 2

Continued from Archived EdX Courses on Health Informatics Part 1

The text and references are selected well. Moreover, in comparison to text content in some MOOC courses, the accompanying readings are concise and actually have value. 385 more words

Health Informatics

Archived EdX Courses on Health Informatics Part 1

EdX, along with Udemy, Udacity, and Coursera, provides courses from a variety of sources on different fields. MOOCs have received their fair share of praise and criticisms over the years due to the quality of the available content, and the failure of most students to completely go through the course content. 620 more words

Health Informatics

I am a model

It is hard to even fathom let alone comprehend the size, scale, and complexity of the universe. It takes light 91 billion years to traverse the diameter of the observable universe. 987 more words


Building on success: Safety Informatics

Digital technologies are becoming more commonplace within the NHS and in our daily lives, producing rich data on all aspects of our health and care. Connecting the data which is held in, for example, smartphones (such as step counters) and our own Electronic Health Records in primary and secondary care, can help us to gain a deep understanding of patient safety issues and the factors that increase risks of harm. 113 more words

Patient Safety

openEHR REST API 0.9.0 out for comment

The REST API Team (Bostjan Lah, Erik Sundvall, Sebastian Iancu, Heath Frankel, Pablo Pazos, and others on the openEHR SEC and elsewhere) have made a 0.9.0 Release of the openEHR ITS (Implementation Technology Specifications) component, in order to make a pre-1.0.0 release of the REST APIs available for wider comment. 187 more words

Health Informatics