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Future of Health Informatics in the Philippines

According to Dr. Alvin Marcelo in his 2005 paper “Health Informatics in the Philippines”, there are three issues that impede the progress of health informatics: [1] 876 more words

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Digital resource for carers

Carers UK has launched the Digital Resource for Carers, a solution that combines their own digital products and online resources with links to local information and support, providing a comprehensive online tool for carers’ 157 more words

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Informatics, eHealth and Global Health - How Do You Connect The Dots?

Unlike any other class I’ve had before, Health Informatics 201 requires me to regularly blog. Contents of the posts are guided with a driving question that is different each week and is aimed at understanding the many different concepts in health informatics.  1,156 more words

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The ever changing world of Informatics, Global Health and eHealth.

As a student of Master of Science in Health Informatics in University of the Philippines, Manila, one crucial requirement is to create your own blog. As a newbie blogger, this will be my official blog for the subject HI201 – Health Informatics under Dr. 950 more words

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New Chapter

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.”

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How GPs in London are reducing hospital referrals

Thomas, K. The Guardian. Published online: 9 August 2016

New software enables GPs to confer with local hospital consultants to get advice on whether to refer a patient or not…

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Usage, adherence and attrition: how new mothers engage with a nurse-moderated web-based intervention to support maternal and infant health. A 9-month observational study

Sawyer, M.G. et al. BMJ Open. 2016. 6:e009967

Objectives: To identify factors predicting use, adherence and attrition with a nurse-moderated web-based group intervention designed to support mothers of infants aged 0–6 months.

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