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A Primer For Conservatives: Health Insurance is not Really Insurance


Is health insurance a plan to help healthy people mitigate against an unexpected illness, or an income subsidy to help the sick pay for medical care?

Can we discuss being able-bodied?

My daughter Maura is able-bodied. Her legs work fine. Her muscles are pretty strong. Her organs are doing awesome. Even her epilepsy has cleared up, gone into remission or whatever epilepsy does when it stops occurring. 962 more words


An internet Troll asked me if I could name one person who will die if Trumpcare becomes law. Typical Troll trick—and while he is not a Troll, but something far worse, I have listened to Sean Hannity pull this trick with several callers. 921 more words

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Cataract Awareness Month

We cannot leave the month of June without noting that it is Cataract Awareness Month. Why is it so important? Over 24 million Americans over the age of 40 have cataracts. 355 more words


The Power of One

The new Senate version of the Health Care legislation contains deeper cuts to Medicaid than the House version.  Elizabeth Warren has been a strong voice in recent times.   801 more words


Health Insurance Roundup, June 27, 2017

Various Health Insurance News

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    on 2017-06-27 at 00:50Health insurance logic. San Francisco Chronicle Late Edition – 2017-06-26 – OPINION -. If the Republicans succeed in passing a health care bill that … […]

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