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Doctor's Newest Orders: Exercise to Improve Your Memory

Good news, folks! If you have friends or family members who might be experiencing some age-related changes in cognition (ie, memory and thinking skills), regular exercise might be able to help! 241 more words

Health Motivation

Set Yourself Up for Success

… and, especially don’t let others’ opinions matter when you are trying to make the best decisions for your own health! Hello 2018! 🤗

Other people’s opinions of us and our choices are actually NONE of our business. 219 more words

Health Motivation

If You Want to be Fit, Surround Yourself with Fit People

If you are serious about making changes in 2018, start thinking now about how to set yourself up for success! 💪🏽

Our own motivation to achieve our goals is so important, but so is our environment and the people we choose to surround ourselves with! 115 more words

Health Motivation

Almost Half of Cancer Related Deaths are Due to Modifiable Risk Factors

Please help spread the word.

According to newly published research, approximately 42% of cancer cases and 45% of cancer deaths are related to modifiable risk factors such as cigarette smoking, diet and lifestyle, and viral infections. 236 more words

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Your Health is an Investment

And as we know, investments yield dividends and larger returns over time! Let’s challenge ourselves to consider the money we spend on preventative services (such as nutrition!) as an investment in our future health by delaying/preventing the development of disease. 27 more words

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Until it is Part of Who You Are

Changes are hard AT FIRST, until they become habits! What change will you start making today to prove your health that will become part of who you are? 17 more words

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