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What Happens When You Eat a Cookie

This is so true…so I wanted to share it with you! Thanks to @meowmeix and @nessasphere on instagram for sharing this cookie comparison.

I think this visual is great because… 92 more words

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Endurance Exercise, Immune Function, and Older Age

Let’s add this to the list of conditions that exercise might protect against as we age!

The results of a research study published in the journal… 848 more words

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"From Discussions Comes Awareness & From Awareness Comes Change"

Well, I’m back! Due to an unexpected change in events, I haven’t had a chance to get back to you guys until now. This blog was initially designed to capture my weight loss and wellness journey yes, however as per my first post, over time I had full intentions of introducing an element structured around men’s mental health and how we as men deal with our struggles in society on a daily basis. 555 more words

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"Health" Isn't a Passive State of Waiting for Disease

I love this quote.

This was the wisdom Christiane Northrup, MD shared during a interview about health and aging. A board certified OB/GYN & New York Times bestselling author, Dr. 431 more words

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That first 'iconic' before and after shot

Motivation? Something we all say we need more of. But what exactly is it and how does being motivated actually change how you do things. This is something I believe only you can find out for yourself, however, I sure as hell can share with you what has motivated me so far and hope it helps you find a little piece of yours. 470 more words

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Well, I have to start somewhere right?

Well, here we go, this is where my ‘blogging journey’ begins. You’re probably already thinking yep, this is just another one of those feel-good motivational blogs about this guys ‘health journey’ and all that wonderful stuff. 288 more words

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Ignore Your Health and it Might Just Go Away

Sometimes we can feel as if we or someone we know can do everything “right” in terms of his/her health and it still wouldn’t matter. 311 more words

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