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What Does Stunting Look Like in Indonesia?

One-third of Indonesian children (over 7 million) under the age of five are found to suffer from stunting, which is a condition where their height is lower than the standard height for their age. 535 more words

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Hungry behavior

Today, malnutrition is becoming an epidemic. It has a huge effect on the population’s health.  Logically, social outcomes are huge too.  Because we all know: When we’re hungry.. 538 more words

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Moving Patients to Partners

Blog by Asim Masood (Introduction by Colin Hung)

We are really excited to welcome special guests from Canada Health Infoway this week on #hcldr:

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The Financial Burden of Double Burden of Disease

Along with the persistent problems of communicable diseases (CD), there will be an emerging epidemic of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) in the developing countries, including Mexico, in the next two decades. 455 more words

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More Than Just Skinny

When you think of malnutrition in Indonesia, what do you think of? What kind of image comes to mind? Probably some hungry child that is skinny to the bone, without any food to eat, right? 691 more words

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Gemukness: “Deliberately unspecific term meaning overweight/obesity but in the Indonesian context. Hidden fatness.”

Ever wonder what the Indonesians refer to overweight or obese? Well now you know that it is “gemukness” or “gemuk.” 687 more words

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Malnutrition Stresses our Brain Out

Malnutrition can make us stressed!

This may seem like a random statement, but there is a lot of truth in it unfortunately. Malnutrition therefore does not only have physical impacts but maybe even bigger impacts on our mental state. 593 more words

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