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The Two Mysteries of Medicare

A growing proportion of Medicare beneficiaries are opting out of the government-run insurance program. They are instead choosing a private plan alternative, one of the… 256 more words

The top 5 conditions affecting communities, according to new BCBSA tool


Mapping technologies and population health make a beautiful pairing. Using geographical data can assist care delivery strategies as tech tools such as GIS can track and trend health data for a community overtime. 201 more words

Life expectancy in the US has decreased. That's troubling


Dive Insight:

Recent data show that a human’s lifespan is “fixed and subject to natural constraints” and that the limit of the “world’s oldest person” has not increased since the 1990s, when French woman Jeanne Calment died at age 122. 179 more words

Hospital groups: ACA repeal may cost billions, jobs




Members of the Republican party have been attempting to repeal the ACA ever since the healthcare law was implemented in 2010. In the proposed ACA repeal-and-replace plans currently available, such a replacement plan may not come for up to three years, Kahn said. 386 more words

JAMA Forum: A Look at Republican Plans for Replacing Obamacare

After campaigning for years on a plan of “repeal and replace Obamacare,” Republicans finally have the means within their grasp to make much of that possible. 1,192 more words

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