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JAMA Forum: Evidence Suggest That Meal Assistance Programs Do More Than “Sound Good”

About a year ago, Mick Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), got himself into a bit of trouble when he argued that cuts to the… 1,028 more words

Health Policy

Competition, consolidation – and where it matters in health care.

Concerned about the health care consolidations we’ve been seeing?  Me too, but just like bad mergers, there are good ones too.

Even though U.S. antitrust law is strong, there are monopolies we have turned a blind eye to, like Microsoft, because it is convenient for us.  1,127 more words


Peering Behind The Addiction Treatment Gap

Attend a few presentations about Substance Use Disorders and odds are you will hear about “the treatment gap,” the gap between the number of people who have an alcohol or drug use disorder and the number who get treatment. 492 more words


Community cooperation following disasters key to recovery, Stanford study finds

Why are some communities resilient in the face of disasters such as epidemics, while others struggle to recover? You might think it is driven by the availability of economic resources, but a new study shows that community cooperation — admittedly challenging in the face of an infectious disease — is the key. 431 more words


What becomes of a country that cannot protect its young?

March for our lives, Washington DC, 24 March 2018

It’s too early to say if the grassroots social movement initiated by students who survived the… 1,185 more words