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Straight, No Chaser: Brain Health – Mental Gymnastics to Keep You Vibrant

I always found it odd that we assume our brain will simply perform in every way we need it to once developed. It seems reasonable to me that if we choose to diet and exercise in an effort to maintain and build every other part of the body, we should be doing the same for our brains. 577 more words

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) gets the job done

As Congress begins its debate on changing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), it’s good to review the success the federal health care law has had in reducing the uninsured rate in the U.S. 397 more words

Make the Most of Summer Fun with Preventive Care

Get the most out of your health coverage this summer by getting the preventive care you need.

Did you know? Most health plans cover shots and screening tests — at no cost to you. 356 more words

Straight, No Chaser: Electrical Injuries and Lightning Strikes

As I watch lightning lighting up the sky, it makes me wonder if anyone out there is unlucky enough to be getting struck. The annual probability of being struck by lightning is approximately 1 in 280,000, which is a lot more frequent than makes me comfortable. 741 more words

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Straight, No Chaser: Travelers’ Diarrhea

This is the time of year in the U.S. when you wished you were somewhere else. (Hawaii, Africa, Australia or Mexico for a Valentine’s Day cruise, anyone?) Unfortunately, sometimes when you travel, you get more than you hoped. 669 more words

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Straight, No Chaser: Spotlight on Health Concerns When Traveling – Vaccines and Illnesses

Traveling is exciting, but it presents multiple challenges to your health. To best meet these challenges, preparation is everything.

Before you travel and every time you travel, your surest means of protecting yourself is to confirm you are current on routine vaccines. 364 more words

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Straight, No Chaser: The Cancer Prevention Workbook

We continue with simple principles to avoid various forms of cancer, but in today’s Straight, No Chaser, we add some detail about the what’s and whys of the conversation. 983 more words

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