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Conference: Dangerous Liaisons? Industry Relations with Health Professionals

The Institute for Human Values in Health Care at the Medical University of South Carolina is hosting the 14th Annual Pitts Memorial Lectureship, entitled Dangerous Liaisons… 206 more words


New and Old Treasures

What I have tried to do is to bring you both the new and old treasures of my knowledge and experience. From my own wrestling with religious issues and my fundamentalist background I bring both old and new understanding of our relationship with God. 423 more words

Dispensing Pride

The terms ‘pharmacy’ and ‘dispensing’ go hand-in-hand. Prescribers diagnose disease and approve treatment. We fill the treatment orders and dispense the therapy, along with any important educational points, to patients and their families. 647 more words


Just Because You’re Not Sick Doesn’t Mean You’re Healthy

This past weekend we visited with some of our family. One of our sons and his wife (our daughter-in-law) are both chiropractors. As we discussed our health, our concerns, and our diet, our son said, “Just because you’re not sick doesn’t mean you’re healthy.” He continued the theme with a surprising report from health providers. 141 more words

Critical physiotherapy research update

Moving forward in nursing

In an editorial in Nursing Philosophy late last year, Derek Sellman wrote a piece that will resonate with a lot of people frustrated by the corporatization of health care; ‘I retain a deep distrust of moving forward as a spindiom (spin idiom, spindiom, get it?)…The primary values of education and health care are not those of the corporation’ (p.156). 625 more words


Putting ageing and sexual health and wellbeing on the agenda

On Friday 6th February 2015 the Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing (MICRA), Manchester Metropolitan University, Age UK and the Association for Education and Ageing hosted a seminar on… 293 more words

A never-ending path of learning

A few days ago I attended a day-long series of talks about chronic pain, as a simple observer.  I don’t have any form of what would be classified as “chronic pain”, yet it is among the most common secondary conditions that I find in my field of work. 248 more words

Self Expression