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Health Literate Care Model

As my peers know, and anyone who has taken any graduate level courses, the weekly reading lists for classes can be quite cumbersome at times.  I am blaming it on this fact, for having overlooked an interesting tool that was included on one such reading list.   54 more words

LS 534

As I work through related readings for the assigned ethics paper in LS 534, I have found a handful of relevant codes, which can be placed at the intersection of healthcare and information dissemination.   106 more words

LS 534

What a difference a day makes

In my quest for relief from dizziness symptoms, last week I went to two appointments. I organize outings very carefully as car travel significantly exacerbates symptoms. 339 more words

Medical Practise


Terrified to see the psychiatrist tomorrow, all my bad stress habits are coming out..

My Thoughts

Trends in Indian Healthcare...

The healthcare sector in India is intended to grow at a compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 15 % to touch $158.2 billion in 2017 from $78.6 billion in 2012. 1,054 more words


Do you wake up tired?

Do you wake up in the morning full of energy or still exhausted ?  If this reflects how you feel it may be your hormones.  Sometimes the constant stress of our busy lives deplete crucial hormones from the adrenal gland and we end up just plain tried.   189 more words

Healthy Living

Of home births and hero worship.

Recently, it’s really struck me how we all (or at least those of us who spend too much time googling shit and carry around an abundance of middle class guilt) aspire to a certain… 1,280 more words