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Australian health professionals say no to euthanasia — Family First NZ

No Euthanasia.org 11 October 2017From all around Australia, 383 health professional have signed a statement rejecting assisted suicide and euthanasia, reaffirming the role of doctors, nurses and allied health as saving lives and providing real care and support for those who are suffering.

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Family First NZ

Associations between the Application of Signature Character Strengths, Health and Well-being of Health Professionals

(Available in free full text) Previous research has shown a positive relation between character strengths, well-being and health. The aim of this analysis was to identify relations between the application of signature character strengths (ASCS) at work, and well-being and health, among medical students (study 1) and resident physicians (study 2). 302 more words


PREVENTING, TREATING AND BEATING CANCER - Free 3 day event to watch online

What if there’s a natural cancer cure you haven’t heard about yet?

If one existed, wouldn’t you want to know about it?

There’s a very special event where you can actually hear about the latest discoveries… an event that could reveal to you a new life-saving therapy or treatment protocol you haven’t heard about (yet). 256 more words


Advocating and educating

Ms. Reynolds has been an AHH client for more than four years, and she’s also one of our strongest community advocates. Ms. R gets weekly assistance from one our interns every semester, which gets her out of the house for doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping at Aldi, and ice cream at Maple View Farms. 324 more words

Liability for failure to effectively manage morbidly obese patients: it’s time to look again at Varipatis v Almario - here's why

What should a GP do with a morbidly obese patient who is in denial about their weight problem?

Although it involved a complex set of facts, it’s time to revisit… 2,042 more words

Mindfulness Meditation Can Improve Safety in Your Practice

Mindfulness meditation is a popular topic in the media now. Research has already demonstrated the clinical benefits of mindfulness-based stress reduction for patients with chronic pain or anxiety disorders | ONS Voice… 117 more words

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I have a choice 

I have been faced with numerous well meaning but ignorant health professionals, since the age of 12, tell me the big fat lie that being vegan is unhealthy and unwise. 185 more words

Wannabe Vegan Diary