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National guidelines around potentially toxic firefighting foam 'confusing', doctors say

ABC News Georgia Hitch 20 March 2018

National guidelines around a potentially toxic firefighting foam should include evidence it could cause adverse health effects, say the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, amid concerns the current health advice is “confusing”. 88 more words

Environmental Toxicology

DoC continues to drop 1080 into waterways with impunity, in spite of the manufacturer's warnings - this time into a Coromandel dairy farmer's supply that feeds his stock

From the GrafBoys’ TV-Wild channel:


Published on Mar 16, 2018

Dairy farmer Bevan Fox talks about 1080 poison in his dairy shed water supply (footage from most recent aerial 1080 poison operation across the southern Coromandel Peninsula) … 25 more words


One Thing I Never Thought OF: Another Reason Fast Food is Terrible

You know how fast food is wrapped in that special paper wrappers that somehow don’t spill or leak all the grease and cheese and mayo and yumminess? 161 more words

Sugar = Empty Calories

Sugar. It’s everywhere. And I’m not just talking about cakes, sweets and chocolates. Sugar is hidden in our everyday meals. For example, bread, rice, cereals, yoghurt, canned soups and salad dressings. 348 more words

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What's The Deal With Couramin?

Cinnamon evokes warmth, aromatic flavor associated with the holidays- sweet baked goods, spiked warm cider, and fragrant scented candles.  Besides its uses in food and aroma-enhancing agents, cinnamon has been used for millenniums in folk medicine and remedies. 593 more words


Daylight Saving Time Start May Come With Health Risks

Sunday March 11 is the start  of Daylight Saving Time.  Our clocks spring forward 1 hour at 2:00 am.  However, unlike the Fall festivity in which the extra hour of sleep may improve our health, we risk a multitude of issues by losing a measly 60 minutes of sleep. 755 more words



Campaigning against asymmetric, long tail or black swan risk events [1].

In plain English?

Campaigning against the potentially serious consequences of replacing safe and secure analogue meters with unsafe and insecure smart “meters” (aka “wireless computers” [2]). 552 more words