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Ignorance is Bliss

I think it’s about time to clear the air.

What the H.E. Double hockey sticks is with all the “new studies” lately showing that certain obscure signs and symptoms lead to deadly diseases, illnesses, or otherwise negative side effects? 545 more words

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Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM): The True Gold Standard?

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I recently decided to enroll myself into a health studies course at school which approaches the ideas of health, illness and well-being from different perspectives. 705 more words


The start to a new adventure

6 months ago, I was sitting in my room thinking about what I was going to do about my future. The typical university degree is completed in four years, however; I have decided to take a fifth year. 338 more words

Time Warp Dance

(Note: I had to publish this a day late – was doing a friend a favour and worked all day/night!)

Today has been hectic! 697 more words


Data Today, Better Tomorrow, yay!

Some of us are suckers for studies: clinical trials, focus groups, surveys – whatever promises to shed a little light on the human condition, or possibly make that condition a little better. 420 more words


Nutritional training and doctors

How many times have I heard this phrase: “how do you know, you’re not a doctor”.  This phrase has been used by people criticizing any type of nutritional article. 1,172 more words

Health Studies