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We are learning about the development of a baby during pregnancy and how they can go wrong in each stage/trimester. we have been asked to create a biography of someone of our choice could be made up and write how their birth and conception went. 23 more words

Health studies (First lesson)

For my first health lesson we learned about plagiarism and had to create a poster about it to show our understanding of the subject. for our next lesson we have to present it to the class.

Two Book Reviews (Don't Worry, Nothing Political)

In the past couple weeks I’ve read two books of non-fiction that have really stuck with me.  In fact I haven’t finished reading one of them (it’s quite long) but felt a strong need to share.  733 more words

Your Social Sciences degree can take you anywhere – including Dubai, Johannesburg, Manchester, Oslo and more!

…to be successful you must maintain a positive attitude no matter what is going on around you. Focus on your previous successes rather than your failures, and use this energy to plan the next steps you need to take to fulfill your goals.

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Science Journals Lie to You and You Know It!

In a world where nearly all so-called “science” is actually little more than corporate fraud and government malfeasance, nearly all mainstream science journals have been taken over by pharmaceutical and biotech interests.

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UNB professor studying hormone that could explain weight loss differences in people

A University of New Brunswick research study is examining the link between exercise and the hormone irisin.

UNB assistant professor of kinesiology Dr. Martin Sénéchal is overseeing the study.  553 more words


5 Science-Backed Tips for Staying Healthy at a Desk Job

You’ve probably heard the phrase “sitting will kill you” if you’re at all familiar with the world of health. Grim, yes – but from medical studies to news resources and practically anywhere else that offers insights into how to manage your body, the humble desk job seems to have taken on some slightly more sordid undertones. 1,392 more words