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Women: Being physically fit may prevent dementia

Read up on this new 44-year-long study showing that physically fit women were almost 90% less likely to develop dementia.

Call for roundtable: TC Medical Humanities and Health Studies

The following call for a roundtable could be of interest to H-Madness readers:

Health Humanities and Digital Life

Forum: TC Medical Humanities and Health Studies… 41 more words

Hello Half Term!

Can you believe it’s been five weeks since I started college? It’s gone by so quickly! I remember starting university and people telling me three years would go by so fast and I didn’t believe them. 450 more words


Week 3 and 4 Complete...

The end of week 3 ground to a halt and I was honestly too shattered to write a post. My mind was not in it. I believe we spent most of that week finishing our Biology assignment and learning the last bits of our Psychology assignment (where we learnt about the Biological Approach). 449 more words


Sensory loss can be a warning sign of poor health outcomes, including death

“Last scene of all that ends this strange, eventful history,
is second childishness and mere oblivion.
Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.”

― William Shakespeare, As You Like It… 858 more words

British scientists use gene editing to investigate what causes miscarriages

UK scientists are using human genome editing, with a tool called CRISPR, to figure out what causes human embryos to stop developing.

The study, published in the journal  466 more words

Week Two Complete

Sigmund Freud, developer of the Psychodynamic Approach.

John Watson, founder of the Behaviourism.

We are at the end of week two of college. Thankfully, I wasn’t as tired this week and I ended up going to bed at a normal adult time of 10pm instead of 8pm. 738 more words