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No one in the Mainstream Media is talking about this. The Pacific Ocean is dead caused by the daily dumping of tons of dangerous radioactive materials into the Pacific ocean from Japan since the nuclear disaster in 2011. 2,180 more words

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Generic Name: creatine (KREE ah tin)

Brand Names:

What is creatine?

Creatine is produced naturally in the kidney, liver, and pancreas of humans. Creatine is also supplied in meat and fish. 1,385 more words

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Deer Antler Spray

A good number of body builders have raised their strength along with lean muscle when using the superior quality of deer antler velvet complementing their nutrition plans. 282 more words

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What to Know about Garcinia Cambogia

SHAPE WELL WITH GARCINIA CAMBOGNIA. You may have noticed the latest in weight loss supplements–the Garcinia Cambognia fad. Almost everyone in the weight loss world is talking about it–especially showbiz folks. 532 more words

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Say Good Bye to Extra Body Fats with Ease and Convenience

Carrying extra body fats all round and reflecting a dull and fatty look simply robs the joys of one’s life. Obesity is a giant killer in the modern day and that invites several diseases in the long run. 121 more words

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6 Ways to Lose Weight without Feeling Hungry

Obesity is not only a physical disorder but can lead to mental problems as well. Many people know that they need to cut down on some food and lose weight, but they don’t really know exactly how. 366 more words

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How to increase pre-workout energy, focus and endurance with BSN Hyper FX

One of the major requirements for advanced athletes and body builders is the availability of high level of energy and focus to sustain through the rigorous aerobics activities or intense workouts along with the endurance to go through longer sessions. 273 more words

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