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When hospitals merge, you pay the bill


Mega medical chains could be hazardous to your health: Our view

Health insurers are not the most beloved companies. They deny claims, bury people in paperwork, and generally make life more difficult. 390 more words

Children’s Health Status – The Link to CHIP Legislative Deadline

Employed adults who are low-income but not poor enough for Medicaid have been able to obtain health insurance for their children under CHIP since its federal enactment in 1997. 1,486 more words

Johns Hopkins favored out-of-state patients over locals to increase revenue, lawsuit claims


A former supervisor in the patient appointments department at the Johns Hopkins Health System Corp. has accused the medical system in a lawsuit of prioritizing out-of-state patients over Maryland residents to boost revenue. 564 more words

California, North Carolina and New York hit hardest by 340B cuts


The CMS’ planned $1.6 billion in Medicare cuts to 340B hospitals across the nation will disproportionately impact providers in California, North Carolina and New York, according to a new study. 468 more words

Hospital Distress to Grow If Congress Closes Door to Muni Market


  • Small, lower-rated facilites could see costs rise 1-2 percent

  • At least 26 non-profit hospitals already in default, distress

As Congress moves to assemble the final version of its tax plan, projects like Spooner, Wisconsin’s 20-bed hospital hang in the balance. 803 more words

Top Ambulatory EHR Systems by Hospital Implementation


EHR system implementation has been on the rise over the past 10 years. This is, at least in part, attributed to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Meaningful Use initiative that began in 2011. 291 more words

What all these health care mergers mean for patients

The health care industry is on a mergers-and-acquisitions bender right now. But, as my colleague Bob Herman reports this morning, it’s not clear whether all of that consolidation will leave patients any better off. 199 more words