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Study Tests Using Stem Cell Therapy To Treat Canine Arthritis

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – There’s a new kind of stem cell therapy that is being tested for dogs who suffer with arthritis.

Just like people, dogs can get achy joints, caused by arthritis, and just like with people, treatments don’t always work. 374 more words


Compounds In Red Wine May Promote Good Oral Health

BOSTON (CBS) – Compounds found in red wine may promote good oral health.

When bad bacteria stick to teeth and gums they can cause cavities, dental plaque and gum disease. 67 more words


Why Do I Still Love My Ex?

Why do I still love my ex even though we both have new relationships? We even stay in contact but won’t reach out to pursue anything. 431 more words

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Chicago Surgeon Sets Up Medication Disposal Program

CHICAGO (CBS) — While doctors do prescribe¬†opioids to fight pain, one Chicago surgeon is taking steps to ensure the highly-addictive medications don’t fall into the wrong hands with a new drug take-back program. 283 more words


Flu Vaccine May Only Be 10% Effective, Experts Say

CHICAGO (CBS) —¬†While the holidays can really wear you out, if you’re feeling achy and tired, it could also be the flu.

And, according to CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez, just because you got a flu shot this year, you’re not necessarily immune. 267 more words


Watching the Nigerian Health Sector

Nigeria, a country of about 180 million people has huge medical needs. From a slight headache to the rarest illness, there have been many calls for better investment in our health provision, health providers, and even our physical environment to ensure a strong, healthy populace, which translates to gains for the country instead of losses through illness and death. 192 more words

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Chicago Health Center Sees Rise In Syphilis Cases

CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s an old sexually transmitted disease we don’t talk much about these days.

But one health center with clinics all over Chicago is seeing a dramatic jump in syphilis cases among its patients. 258 more words