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Toilet paper isn't our only option

The West discovers the Sunnah of the prophet which saves trees 🌲 and keeps you cleaner Muhammad (PBUH) stresses health and hygiene is a vital part of the religion of Islam with various Hadith (sayings) on how important it is to purify yourself. 15 more words


No Dating Zone

I did a thing today.  I deleted my dating apps.  I’ll admit, it was kind of fun seeing all the men who hit “Like” on my photo, and I have probably benefitted in the self esteem department from it.  762 more words

Workout Wednesdays -- Flexibility and Mo

Workout Wednesdays — Flexibility and Mobility!
Feeling stiff? Tight? Or maybe a little inflexible? (We’re not talking about who gets to sit in the center of the couch here…) 64 more words

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want curves? eat and lift!

Yesterday, I dove deep and shared with you some of the mental hurdles I had to face when I started my weight-loss and lifting journey.  I believe that conquering your inner negativity is a big step forward in making your outside match your inside; finding harmony as a beautiful, strong, whole person.   1,634 more words


This Is What I Really Mean When I Say, 'I'm Fine'

As a person who has major depressive disorder, I sometimes experience difficulties when asked how I’m doing. Several thoughts go through my mind. Do they really want to know? 642 more words

Rid yourself of the dreaded "double chin"

Do you have some extra fullness beneath your chin? Maybe it’s something you’ve had your whole life or something that developed over the years. Some people refer to it as a “double chin.” Dr. 15 more words

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