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Social Isolation is a Thing and it’s Killing You

Humans are inherently social creatures so it’s not a big leap to consider that the lack of a social life and limited physical human contact would affect your overall health. 529 more words


The Weaponization Of Monogamy

Imagine a woman who is seeking a partner. Then, she finds someone willing. Actually, he’s really willing. This guy is talking marriage around the one-month mark. 1,094 more words

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By: Lennart Leigh A.M.

Hole in the soul

Regained control for only She’s in charge of feeling whole

Focused on the mind-muscle connection, 36 more words

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You Are More Than A Relationship Status, More Than 'Taken,' More Than Who You Attach Yourself To

You are more than a simple word. You are more than being ‘taken.’ You are more than candlelit dinners, flowers on Valentine’s Day, and good morning texts. 282 more words

More About Me (Stolen from The Shameful Sheep)

I totally stole this quizzy thing from Blair at www.theshamefulsheep.com. SUE ME, BLAIR!

1. Who are you named after? 

Despite all my teachers always asking me if I was named for the news reporter Andrea Mitchell, I wasn’t named after anyone. 607 more words

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Cast These Six Simple Spells And You’ll Get Everything You Want

Do your dreams feel impossibly out of reach? Do you know exactly what you want, but find endless obstacles in your way?

I have the solution to all your problems: magic. 1,011 more words

A thankful heart

Today I’m thankful. Thankful for these people, this life, and the ability to create the life i want for my family. There was a time where I believed that I could only achieve our financial goals and dreams with a college degree. 361 more words