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Massage & Depression

An estimated 1 in 10 adults in the United States suffers from some kind of depression, according to the Centers for Disease Control. That’s around the same percentage of American adults who are left-handed, and yet while handedness is seen today as a quirky curiosity (or sometimes an advantage, in the case of athletes), there is still stigma and silence surrounding depression as an illness. 632 more words

Too much to do

I’m so busy!  I’m stressed!  I am overextended!  I’m overwhelmed!

How many times a day do we hear this, either from our own mouths or those of others? 459 more words

Health & Wellness

Stop Acting Like Mental Illness Is Cute And Trendy — It's Literally The Opposite.

If anxiety was trendy, why don’t people understand it? If it’s cool to sit at work and watch your thoughts run away from you, or barely bring ourselves to get up for work in the first place, why are people so entitled to change the subject (or worse, not talk at all) when you speak on that black cloud that’s always above your head? 934 more words

Millennial's memo to... "bending weight loss rules without breaking your diet"

It’s a blissful Sunday afternoon in San Francisco. I feel so privileged to live in such a beautiful city… I mean, you can’t really get better than the Golden Gate Bridge… I guess Kensington Gardens are a close second. 273 more words

Health & Wellness

Millennials memo to... getting back into my favorite dress!

It’s official – I, N, need to get back on the health train. I would like to think of myself as a healthy person, and by all doctor’s visits I am. 255 more words

Health & Wellness


TUB TIME is the time of day I look forward to all day. It’s the one thing that really relaxes me after a day at work, eases all stresses + strains and rids my body of negative energy. 655 more words


Cryotherapy: a freezing fad?

The latest health and wellness craze to hit Australia involves standing in a machine that fills with nitrogen vapour as your body is frozen in temperatures of up to -130C. 522 more words