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When Did It Become Cool To Hide Your Feelings?

I can’t remember when it became cool to not show your feelings. Perhaps it has something to do with the modern rules of dating that are constantly being forced down our throats—the three-day rule, the no-labeling rule, the never be too eager rule lest they get terrified and run away. 601 more words

10 Weird Things Your Relationship Status Says About Your Daily Life

Our relationship status can play a huge role in how we define ourselves socially. Relationship status’ are constantly updated and monitored via social media websites, and whatever relationship status we are in can to a certain extent determine how we spend our free time, or a Friday night. 1,737 more words

You Don't' Have To Figure It Out

Do you find yourself in a life situation where the direction is feeling a little foggy, perhaps in a relationship, a health decision or a financial arena? 269 more words


Slow Carb 101

Healthy eating and an active lifestyle are always an important and crucial factor in a lifestyle. From losing weight to sleeping better a balance of diet and exercise plays a key role in being the best version of yourself both physically and mentally. 1,187 more words


What, Me Worry?

Those renowned words from the mascot of MAD magazine have crept into the prefrontal cortex of my brain. I’ve not thought of them in eons… just a memory of my oldest brother Ricky lounging on our living room couch deeply immersed in its contents. 383 more words


It's gym time, Yo!

I joined a local, traditional type of gym yesterday, and today was my first workout. I feel bleeping amazing, guys!  It’s been soooooo long since I’ve had the energy to do anything let alone workout. 131 more words