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Sitting-Rising Test That Predicts Your Death?!

Here’s an interesting article and some simple exercises to try. Predicting death sounds rather morbid, but it seems like these tests could be a quick way for people to get an idea of their level of flexibility, strength, endurance and balance…. 1,239 more words

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With Summer on the Toronto horizon, we all want that beach body… and let’s face it… we guys get the body image and jealousy in this day and age, just as much as women. 577 more words

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The Sexiest Vegan Next Door: 4 More Days to Cast Your Votes

PETA is looking for “The Sexiest Vegan Next Door” and I have been named one of the 10 female finalists! Winning this contest would give me a much larger platform to share my compassion for all life! 63 more words

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Searching For Joy

 by Christy Gualtieri

My mother is dying.

In 2011, she was diagnosed with cancer of the salivary gland (which is so rare that it accounts for less than 5% of all head and neck cancers); but because she hadn’t had health insurance at the time and couldn’t get any (this was before the Affordable Care Act mandated that pre-existing conditions couldn’t exclude folks from trying to get treatment), she had to go almost a year without any treatment whatsoever.  642 more words

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Why I Let Go of The Negative Emotion of Jealousy

In the past, I used to get jealous at various times. I didn’t necessarily show the emotion out in my daily life, or take my anger out in an aggressive manner that was blatantly visible. 491 more words


How You Become Somebody Else

You will miss them in the morning when you wake up wanting nothing but more sleep—there’s nothing sweet about waking up alone, unenthused, bored of what the day has to offer. 585 more words