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Keep trudging

Everyone needs a little encouragement some days! Cheers! And this, too, shall pass.

With love,

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What are Chakras?

At Ruby Sun, one of the rituals we offer is chakra balancing. If you’ve never heard the word chakra before -don’t worry. In this post you’ll learn a little bit more about the chakras & how working with this energy system can help increase your energy and vitality. 715 more words

Health & Wellness

Please, Do Yourself (And Your Health) A Favor And Never Diet Again

For the first few days you feel super motivated. It’s awesome. You might even lose a few pounds.

You think to yourself, “Maybe this time is different.” … 1,193 more words

What It Feels Like To Have An Eating Disorder In A Third World Country

Eating disorders are considered to be a “western” disorder seen in realms that do not predominantly have food shortages. In penurious areas throughout the world, especially in my country, mental illness as a whole is either disregarded or relatively undisclosed to the population at large. 517 more words

Age Appropriate Fashion Tips for U

Women over 50 tend to get frustrated when it comes to finding something perfect to wear. Baby boomers can get lost in a sea of rules, fashion trends and age-appropriate concerns. 349 more words

Health & Wellness

This Is What Happens When Depression Wins

Each night,
I take my medicine hoping that
I’ll fall asleep
But just as I’m about to
Insomnia sweeps me off my feet and says, 457 more words

3 Psychological Traps to Escape to Lose Weight

As we enter into the new year, as always there is a sense of optimism and hope. People all around the world re-commit to their fitness vows. 1,028 more words