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That Summer High

This song is the soundtrack for my day. It just completely and totally captures my mood this morning. School is out and this is the first Sunday morning in over a year when I’ve felt relaxed and calm. 419 more words

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9 Home Remedies For Wheezing

Wheezing is the sound produced when you are breathing. Wheezing is caused by a narrow respiratory tract, which makes breathing difficult. Narrow tract can cause blockages, irritation, infection and asthma. 542 more words


What Life Traps Do You Consistently Fall Into?

Do you want to reinvent your life?

In my top 20 psychology books countdown that I did last year, I put the book Reinventing your Life: The Breakthrough Program to End Negative Behavior and Feel Great Again by Jeffrey Young and Janet Klosko (1994) at #10 on my countdown. 2,385 more words


Top Five Protein Power Snacks

Protein. Protein. Protein

It’s now what my days meal planning is pretty much based on!
It is also super important to get enough protein in our daily food consumption, to allow ourselves to fuel our bodies, muscles to recover and reach our fitness/wellness goals! 562 more words


If You Eat Ice Cream, Be Sure To Read This!

Okay, so I knew a lot of what they put in commercial ice cream these days wasn’t good for us, but it’s even worse than I thought, especially with “main stream” brands. 2,565 more words

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Slenderiiz Competition

Take Part in a Healthy Challenge!

At ARIIX, we support healthy living – which is why we want to reward you for living a clean lifestyle daily. 391 more words

Listen, Don't Try Fix Me

If I open up to you and take the time to explain that I am struggling with multiple illnesses and that some of them are incurable, don’t start suggesting that I take essential oils or how removing gluten from my diet will cure me. 192 more words

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