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Acute Sinusitis - Infection Caused Due To Common Cold

The hallow cavities around the nose is called sinuses which form and send mucus into the nose through thin channels. Sometimes, we develop nose infection if we suffer from common cold or viral influenza for a long time. 270 more words

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Your never to old to change habits

I constantly hear the saying “I’m too old to do that”. Well age is a mindset and that saying doesn’t sit well with me. Why is it that when you reach a certain age, you should start to slow down. 270 more words


Do You Actually Read The Posts? I'm Starting To, Awesome Information Bloggers

I used to write and write, because it’s what I do to get feeling and thoughts out. I never actually sat down to read blogs but, I’m making it a point today and from this day forward to read at least 5 articles in full each day. 56 more words

Illness Adaptation

Starting Over @ 30! Can It Be Done?

Days away from 30 years of age now, this is when I plan to start a new stepping stone in life. So, I still have time to mess around right? 446 more words

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Tips for Gestational Diabetes 

Being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes can be disappointing, I know. Diabetes runs in my family, plus I’m “older”, so I knew I was a little more at risk for it. 828 more words

Prego Lessons

5/23/15 Workout of the Day

Every Minute on the Minute for 10 minutes:

  • 10-15 Squats
  • 3-5 Burpees

Have a running clock. Once you complete both the squats and burpees rest the remainder of the minute. 49 more words