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Ahimsa: non-harming

This time I want to use my voice for the beings that do not have one – Animals.

For the last decade I was deceived by the false image that is deeply and imperceptibly woven in the fabric of human society by leading health organisations. 381 more words

The Scale Of Things

How much do you weigh, and why?

For too many people, scale weight means so much more. Our emotions get involved. Certain numbers make us happy, others make us feel awful. 1,112 more words

To new doors of opportunities and making it over to the other side of fear. Welcome 2018!

I cannot believe I am so late in getting to do this – here (at last) is my first post of 2018! In case you were wondering, I was under the weather these past 20 days and let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty. 1,178 more words


How To Know When You’re Not Friends Anymore

By Emilie. And why it’s OK to ditch them.

You’re friends… but then sometimes she makes those bitchy little comments. You’re friends… but then she flakes out on you all the time. 515 more words


Are you paying attention to your kitchen utensil?

Recently, I bought a quality stainless steel with ceramic coating wok, the size is right and good material. It’s really a great helper when preparing healthy meal to my family members. 165 more words