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Men vs. women -- who's more narcissistic?

RICHMOND, Va. — Not too long after a study found men who post a lot of selfies tend to be narcissists, another study has found narcissism tends to be more common among men than women. 78 more words


Trying Meditation

I have had a hard time recently clearing my mind, feeling calm and focused. I had a nice talk with a good friend yesterday about the journey I am on. 321 more words

Ranch Turkey Burger Recipe

There’s nothing more satisfying than a big juicy beef burger. But since I’ve been trying be healthy I rarely indulge in one. So I turn to the next best thing, turkey burgers. 244 more words

Tamed By A Toddler

Healthy snacks for Mummy & Baby: Fruit & Oat Bites

When it comes to eating once you’ve had a baby finding the time can be an issue and you always need snacks that you can grab to eat on the go. 373 more words


Dragon Breath: Firepower to your immune system

Want to give yoru immune system a bost while impressing your friends? Ginger is your answer.

Ginger, when juiced fresh, is spicy and firey. Especially for first-timers, it can make ya choke a bit, but I’ve grown to love the invigorating buzz that tingles around your fingers when you take a ginger-intense shot of orange juice. 231 more words

Fast Breakfast

Product Review: Chocolate Coconut Milk

Now, I’m not usually one for liking chocolate flavoured food or drink, especially not chocolate milk or chocolate ice cream, however I decided to put my preconceived notions aside and try the Chi Chocolate Coconut Milk at the weekend. 336 more words


WHO: Everyone is required to reduce sugar consumption Daily!

Trupowe.com – The World Health Organization (WHO) calls on people of the world so as not to overdo the sugar consumed. WHO recommends that sugar intake of no more than six teaspoons per day to avoid obesity and tooth decay. 246 more words