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Where did my post go? Grrrrrr!

Half way through a new post and ZAPP! It’s gone! Pics n’all!
Geez Louise I hate when that happe

ns, and it was such a good post as well… and no, it’s not in the activity log, nothing synced or saved!
Story of my life LOL


Ellie Vs. Close Calls

Dearest readers,

Today I find myself functioning at the speed of a sloth, which is particularly aggravating since I was actually feeling pretty okay the past few days. 1,281 more words

Prom 2016,The good

In my last post I made it seem like it was all bad and it wasn’t, just 55% of it was bad. I want to thank my mom , dad and sister for making this day special for me the best part of today was the fact that I got to bond with my family. 132 more words


What It’s Like to Have a Petroleum Jelly Addiction

I love petroleum jelly… in an extreme kind of way.

I don’t know if Petroleum Jelly Addiction is a thing or I if I’m alone in this but it’s a (debilitating) kind of obsession. 985 more words


Me – masculine??!!! That wasn't the goal...

What’s YOUR percentage split of masculine versus feminine energy? Because we DO have both, you know? John Gray did the world a lot of good with his “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”, it does explain a LOT around how to understand each other better and live together in a more fruitful way. 509 more words



Hey ya’ll…I finally met Mr. Nutritionist…in the most unlikely way possible.

I’m on call for my service this weekend and back up call for trauma, so obviously my social life is on a stalemate.   317 more words



F.lux is an amazing application that runs in the background of any computer. The purpose of F.lux is to change the screen temperature as the time throughout the day changes. 72 more words