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Redefining Superwomen.

So recently I’ve read a lot of articles/blogs about women feeling the pressure to do/have it all. The pressure of trying to be “superwomen” being destructive and driving addiction as we try to numb it all out and carry on doing the best we can. 338 more words

One year gone

Exactly one year since I was diagnosed with breastcancer.


Greateful and happy today ❤️💃🎉

Breast Cancer

3Novices:No swansongs as Bloods fans nurse their wounds

Leanne Dawe is holding back the tears but at some stage in the coming days, she may let them flow.

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3Novices:Auction watch: Long weekend no hurdle for Canberrans ready to buy

A nationwide long weekend wasn’t enough to deter prospective buyers from securing their dream home on Saturday.

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3Novices:NRL: Brett White and Jeff Lima praise father figure Bellamy ahead of grand final

Struggling to get through one of Craig Bellamy’s pre-season boot camps, Brett White got to the point where he “pretty much quit on football”.

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3Novices:AFL grand final 2016: Luke Beveridge gives Bob Murphy his premiership medal

On a feel-good day for Bulldogs supporters this was a moment to crown them all.

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How To Cleanse Your Kidneys Almost Instantly Using This Natural Home Drink

Your kidneys are constantly filtering your blood, making sure that waste products exit your body from urine. When you live an unhealthy lifestyle, these toxins build up and make it harder for your kidneys to do their job….Readmore