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Autumn, here I come!

… or it’s you who’ll come.

I realised that I have more things that I want to do than I initially thought.

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Slimming down Utilizing Garcinia Cambogia is it real, or is it simply another fraud made by the powerful weight management indutry? In this article we are going to take a closer take a look at exactly just what Garcinia Cambogia weight-loss is all about as well as how it might aid you to shed up ro 12 pounds in 8 weeks. 555 more words

The Importance of Physiotherapy and The Equipments Used

Physiotherapy is an effective tool to combat injuries and pains. Stretching exercises, massage therapy, traction, heat therapy, etc, may be used in groups to combat the condition. 569 more words


India Taking Anganwadi, ASHA, Workers For Granted And It Is Costing Heavy - Nirmal Singh 3C

The frontline women health workers’ demands for getting better pay should be considered by the government and the Indian media should give the attention that they deserve. 302 more words


How To Get Pregnant With Twins?

How To Get Pregnant With Twins? – Having twins has a tendency to spellbind individuals. A few couples say they’d love the opportunity to parent two infants and others respond in a completely unique way. 46 more words


it's ok not to be ok

I seem to have spent a lot of my life not being ok. For me, it manifested as an eating disorder – bulimia, that started in my late teens. 887 more words

Changing Diet Can Help Reverse Heart Disease, Study Finds

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — We know quite well that eating a proper diet can help prevent heart disease. But what about reversing of heart disease and damage that’s already been done? 112 more words

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