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Can we have another referendum please I think we ballsed this up a bit.


Low Penalty to not Loose Recidence Permit

THE NETHERLANDS. In 2016 an Afghan refugee raped an 18-year old girl and the public prosecutor wanted him to get two years in prison. But the court judged that the important factor is that the man isn’t deported. 178 more words


Cleaning products and obesity

Do household cleaners make kids obese? Here’s why it’s too soon to tell

More and more research these days suggests we’ve gone too far with our drive to eliminate germs, and that kids could use a little dirt and grime to improve their own health. 52 more words

Behavioral Economics

Forskolin Keto Complete - Quick & Effective Weight Loss Formula For Everyone

Forskolin Keto Complete : Although in many studies weight loss surgery procedures proved safe and effective in treating obese teens, still it is important that the potential patients are closely evaluated to make sure suitability for the surgical intervention.Although the same old suspects in weight gain are poor choices, dangerous habits, wrong thinking, over-feeding, and therefore on, there are certain underlying medical problems that may pack up on weight and forestall weight loss. 498 more words



Ahh so this is what calm fee is like. My heart still thinks I have to do 20 things at once and forget to drink, but I’m sorting that out. 7 more words