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Sharing is Caring - Advice

Some great advice I’ve been finding here there and everywhere that I really just wanted to share.

  • Realise the fact that if somebody can’t see your virtues/morals doesn’t mean you don’t have them…
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I’m moving south.  I’ve had issues with depression and anxiety and all that fun stuff since my teens, but since the stroke my mental health has absolutely bottomed out and gone kaput.  509 more words


Dr. Nicholas David Belasco: Dedicated to Hope, Healing and Recovery

Dr. Nicholas David Belasco is a family doctor who provides lasting and compassionate health care for individuals and families in Goshen, New York, and its surrounding neighborhoods. 434 more words


Buckwheat Strawberry Pancakes

After my oldest daughter watched an episode of Daniel Tiger, she came away wanting to make strawberry pancakes. So of course in an effort to feed my girls healthy alternatives, I decided to go the buckwheat route. 118 more words


It isn't a movie without popcorn: Finding the balance between love and goals

Day 3 brings me to 132.4! This is a moment when the scale matters much less than the feeling, however. I am within a pound of when I left for Mexico (I didn’t quite get to… 493 more words

Weight Loss

My Postpartum Fitness Journey Part 2: getting into a rhythm 

Well, I am living proof that results come slowly. Like molasses speed. Like a snail stuck in molasses. Like a snail on crutches stuck in molasses. 435 more words


Progress Report

Well, it has been a while since I last made a post about my weight loss journey thus far. Although I haven’t done weekly progress reports of how much weight I have been losing I think now is the time to make a progress report as I have been taking action for 4 months now. 870 more words

Weight Loss