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SO why is this Southern EPIDEMIC not getting any coverage?

For the three months or so my neck of the woods (Upstate SC, Western NC) has been somewhere you just don’t want to be.

Hundreds of people have been sick with a bronchitis of unknown origins – it’s not cold, not flu, and not specifically reported – although one very probable culprit is the Haemophilus Influenzae B superbug bacteria. 747 more words


How to Fight Stigma Mental Illness

Trupowe.com – For the people, the word “disease” can only be associated to physical complaints. In fact, mental illness does not mean harmless or influences our health. 545 more words


New Cancer Procedure Eliminates Need For Repeated Radiation Treatments

PEABODY (CBS) – “It was easy. It was simple. It was non-invasive, and I had my life.”

Lynn Moriarty of Melrose is talking about her experience with radiation after she was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer last October. 261 more words


Low blood pressure with medicine tied to faster mental decline


And why it is so important to grow and protect our natural food sources! Give nature a chance to heal you, and give nature a chance to heal too! 9 more words


Vaccination: Why I understand both sides

I vaccinated my child fully when she was a baby/toddler, but there was a period of time when I was worried about doing so, so I can understand, to some degree, the anti-vaxxers’ fears. 320 more words