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Is my patient really depressed?...

Many patients report sadness or distress during consultations with primary care health workers. Such emotions may be related to grief and other life stresses, including the stress of physical illness. 510 more words

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C. difficile infections With Challenging Nutritional Intake Imbalances; Malnutrition

A C. difficile infection effects the gastrointestinal system.

What Is the Gastrointestinal System?
The human gastrointestinal system or GI tract, is an organ system responsible for consuming and digesting food, absorbing nutrients, and expelling waste (fecal matter).  1,067 more words


What the FIG/FIT/FOE? Decoding Ontario's Family Practice Models

There’s no point sugarcoating it – the Canadian healthcare system can be overwhelming. The difference between healthcare providers, funding models and health regions, among other things, can be very confusing.  552 more words

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Synthetic Biologics Discuss Preventing C. diff. Infection with SYN-004 on “C diff Spores and More,” C. diff. Radio

Join us on Tuesday, March 31st at 11:00 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Central, 2 p.m. Eastern Time for the live broadcast –  Synthetic Biologics: Preventing C. 179 more words

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A better way

Tal Golesworthy has Marfan’s syndrome.1 This inherited disease can stretch the supporting tissue of eyes, bones and joints but its most sinister effect is on the aorta. 516 more words

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The Role of Instagram for Students in the Online Classroom

When people think of Instagram in the classroom they typically think of problems students have goofing off on social media and sharing pictures and video when they should be paying attention to what the teacher is talking about. 246 more words

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Career in Healthcare and Public Safety Training courses

Everyday several people die in hospitals or at home due to the non availability of First Aid medical treatment. If we only talk about developed countries like London, approximately 4000 people are given immediate medical emergency services that save their life to an extent. 697 more words