Miami Couple Sentenced For Operating Clinic to Defraud Medicare

On June 29, 2015, U.S. District Judge Susan C. Bucklew sentenced Gladys Fuertes, 41, and Mario Fuertes, 41, of Miami for operating a sham clinic. Gladys Fuertes was sentenced to 19 years and 6 months in federal prison for conspiracy to commit healthcare fraud, healthcare fraud, aggravated identity theft, and obstruction of healthcare fraud investigation. 260 more words

Insurance Fraud

Change in Medicare Numbers can be Bonanza for Scammers

By Barbara Parrott McGinity, LMSW

Good news! Congress passed a bill in April 2015 to replace the Social Security numbers on Medicare cards with a randomly selected number. 338 more words

Financial Exploitation

Atlanta doctor, nurse may win more than $110 million in whistleblower case

A payment topping $110 million may be going to a metro Atlanta doctor and nurse after they worked to stop what they said was a scheme by their employer to defraud the federal government. 372 more words


The best health care system in the world? Nonsense!

by Wendell Potter,  The Center for Public Integrity

Americans spend more per capita on health care than people anywhere else in the world, yet outcomes in every other developed country are better on almost every measure, from infant mortality to life expectancy. 69 more words


Prison Industrial Complex Part 4.......................... Conscious Awareness Identity (CAI)-Is this real Life?

Okay! I know that as long as I am alive there is going to be ongoing chaos and madness going on in the World.  But lately there have been a tremendous amount of talking points and incidents that are directly related to my present life within the “belly of the beast”  The Prison Industrial Complex.   688 more words

Fred's Ten - Questions that have been Burning my Brain

Thirty years in healthcare makes one a bit jaded.  I have been mulling over the following questions, some for many, many years. Perhaps one of you might have an answer, propose a solution or have another question to add … 231 more words