Biggest healthcare frauds in 2015: Running list

Healthcare fraud continues to roil the industry, as a steady stream of doctors, practice owners, suppliers and even executives are charged weekly with ripping off patients and payers alike. 100 more words

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Chicago doctor charged in cash kickback for Medicare and Medicaid patient referrals

A Chicago doctor was recently charged in a kick back case. Medicare and Medicaid patients can be valuable to individuals looking to make money from sending referrals to doctors and hospitals in exchange for kickbacks. 531 more words

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On the FBI's Medicare Fraud Strike Forces

$6.5 Billion in Cash


FBI’s Medicare Fraud Strike Forces Strikes $6.5 Billion in Cash.


Miami based Home Health Agency owner guilty of Medicare fraud,  The Medicare Fraud Strike Force since its inception in March 2007, is now operating in nine cities across the country, has charged nearly 2,100 defendants who have collectively billed the Medicare program for more than $6.5 billion. 269 more words

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Predictive analytics play new role in fraud detection, but critics want more

The CMS has either identified or prevented more than $210.7 million in healthcare fraud in one year using predictive analytics. But critics want to see the agency do much more with its new digital tools. 91 more words

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Medicare Expects to Save $400 billion over 10 years by spending $400 Million on Fraud Detection

President Barack Obama’s 2016 budget report was recently released, and the news coming out of Washington, D.C. does not bode well for hospital appellants and the appeals process. 40 more words

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WARNING: Individuals promoting genetic testing of Medicare Patients may be committing Medicare fraud and abuse.

by Barbara Parrott McGinity, LMSW

What is Pharmacogenomic Testing?
Pharmacogenomic testing is a new tool in medicine. It is the testing of certain genes to determine how any given individual will respond to specific medications. 411 more words

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Billions wasted by Big Data Healthcare Contractors in a Texas Sized Medicaid Fraud

Over the past 20 years, Texas has privatized computer systems and call centers for its Medicaid program to contractors, including IBM, Accenture (formerly Andersen), Electronic Data Systems, (currently HP), and Xerox.    370 more words