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7 Types of Health Insurance Plans

The hero wheels his ailing mother to the surgical ward and the doctor refuses to treat her without a huge deposit towards surgery cost.  A tearjerker scene that you’d have seen in a gadzillion movies. 792 more words

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Health Claim Services in India

Medical Transcription is the process of transcription where the reports or diagnoses dictated by physicians or other healthcare professionals are converted to a text format. As an allied health profession, medical transcription has gained much importance in the recent years. 246 more words


Does you child need drug rehab?

What to expect

The first thing to remember is that Drug Addiction (or Alcoholism) is a complex illness. It is characterized by intense and uncontrollable drug cravings. 747 more words


How To Get Apt Health Insurance Plan Online

Our current lifestyle has made having a health insurance policy indispensable for everyone. Illnesses can strike anyone at anytime. Incidences of critical illness in younger age group are increasing rapidly. 237 more words

Best Health Insurance In India

Best health insurance provider in India

Sandeep, age 40, a father of 2 and the only bread-earner of his family suffered a severe heart attack recently. Following which he was hospitalised and given the required treatment. 568 more words

Best Health Insurance In India

Five Misconception of Health Insurance

Some people hesitate to purchase health insurance online because of some misconceptions. These myths create confusions over what to purchase and how to use such plans. 288 more words

Best Health Insurance In India

Best health insurance plans for you

How do you buy a health insurance plan? If you just settle with the plan your agent sells or are happy knowing you have bought the cheapest plan, there is a bit of unlearning and a lot of learning in store for you. 329 more words

Best Health Insurance In India