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Health Insurance: Important Points to Remember

Health Insurance is a type of insurance which primarily covers the medical expenses. Under an ideal Health Insurance, you can protect yourself and your family from medical expenses by giving a very small amount each year and this amount is commonly known as the Premium. 429 more words

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Health Insurance and the Economy

Health insurance is one of the most important and highly recommended investments one can make as it acts as an ozone and protects you and your family from the unforeseen health disasters and financial crisis. 404 more words

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Tech Trend and Health Insurance Industry

With reference to the recent statistics based on the surveys conducted, Indian economy continues to have lesser density of the insurance sector and primarily this ratio is defined and driven by the rural areas of the nation where the access to these financial and health institutions are not well constructed and there is a limitation to the outreach of these facilities. 390 more words

It seems that the republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine did a major fubar by being talked into voting for the US senate tax bill in the wee morning of December 2, 2017. 1,118 more words

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Senator Susan Collins earned our kudos when she voted against the abominable ACA repeal bill a few months ago, but now? Not so much, since she sold her soul downriver to the big money donors and came out in support of the latest tax "reform" bill that is destined to cause nothing but grief for the 99% of us who are not wealthy. Ms. Collins current term does not end until 2021, so perhaps she believes we will forget her treason against We The People by then. Please read Gronda's excellent post to see where Ms. Collins stands and what she is doing now. Thank you, Gronda!

A Few Words About...Healthcare Insurance

A year after his election, President Trump still hasn’t gotten through his campaign promise of the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. 240 more words

Make your voice heard in DC!

Last week, the Senate released their long-anticipated health care reform legislation.  After an initial review of the bill, our concerns were confirmed as it maintains many of the same harmful provisions we opposed in the U.S. 265 more words


What does the UK Election result mean for the NHS?

Last week, the UK voted for a snap general election called by Theresa May, Prime Minister and leader of the ruling Conservative Party. Much has been written about why she took this unexpected decision, so I’m not going to recook that here. 2,605 more words

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