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10 tips to protect yourself during an audit

  1. Give them exactly what they ask for: While you must keep documents for six years, to show a history of your program, it is important to stay within the realm of what they have requested. 
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Repercussions of failed compliance

Punishments for failing to comply to HIPAA laws can be devastating to a clinic. The government will continue to strictly enforce HIPAA violations by fining health care facilities lacking written, documented, trained, and agreed to policies. 346 more words

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Choosing the right compliance officer

How much consideration did you give to choosing your compliance officer?

The thought process for choosing a compliance officer takes more consideration than you might think! 423 more words

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Securing mobile devices—a HIPAA requirement!

New guidelines may help you avoid fines relative to unsecured mobile device breaches.

All offices need to know that the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) has developed an outline for healthcare organizations to implement and monitor mobile device security. 247 more words

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What method do you use to organize your HIPAA compliance program?

I have long felt that the utilization of a table of contents relative to your HIPAA compliance manual is the starting point for outlining the components of your HIPAA compliance program. 230 more words

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The HealthKit Revolution, Part 2: Piloting Health Apps

During the past few years, providers have found it challenging to engage patients in their own care plans. Ironically, one of the primary hindrances to greater patient involvement is technology. 493 more words


Device Integration – What to Do With All That Data?

Imagine trying to get ready for work every morning without having your wardrobe stored in one spot:  your pants are hanging in your bedroom closet, your shirts are in your son’s room, your socks are in the kitchen, and your shoes are in the car. 486 more words