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Stent Opens Blocked Arteries in Brain

Stents in the Brain:

Stroke is now becoming the 2nd largest killer disease after heart attacks. Alarming figures suggest that the number of strokes may triple from the present level by the year 2025. 629 more words


Simple Stretching while Working

Stretching Exercises at Work:

Amidst busy life schedules, we often cut down time for exercise, we feel like sleeping a little more before getting into the busy run of life, mentioned below are some simple stretching exercises, especially for those home/office workers, who are glued to their desks working on their computers for an average of 10 hours or more per day and this has become a normal routine. 800 more words


Women and Heart Attacks

Women’s Heart attacks – Diagnosis:

Diagnosing heart disease in women can be a challenge. Atypical chest pain and differences in micro vascular function are more common in women, as are mitral valve prolapse and non coronary chest pain syndromes. 1,077 more words


Relish Happiness, Live simple Stress free Life

Live simple stress free life:

Life was much simple when it started in its first form and then later through the process of evolution it became complex and now after generations the complexity has gone up to such an extent that it threatens the existence of life itself on this mightier planet. 1,194 more words


A Shift From Nursing Homes to Managed Care at Home

Faced with soaring health care costs and shrinking Medicare andMedicaid financing, nursing home operators are closing some facilities and embracing an emerging model of care that allows many elderly patients to remain in their homes and still receive the medical and social services available in institutions. 1,274 more words

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The Recruitment Consultant works according to the company

For a job seeking a candidate, their cover letter provides them an opportunity to market themselves. But for proceeding in the right direction is also necessary, that right path can be found through a… 303 more words

Healthcare Jobs

Simple and Natural tips to Relive Back Pain

Stretch, Strengthen and Support, Keep off low Back Pain:

These tips are for all those who are lazy in doing exercise and blame their situations, these are simple tips for which one doesn’t need to go to a gym or run to a ground or large open space, The following are simple tips to keep away back pain especially for those who work for long hours sitting like those who work on computers. 1,264 more words