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Real or Fake? 2017 Healthcare Headlines

It seems everywhere we look we’re inundated with healthcare industry predictions. Most of these are more retrospective than forward thinking – taking what seem to be fairly obvious trends and simply saying “Finally, this year will be the year that happens!” While I wish I could tell you that here at SCI Solutions we’ve looked into the crystal ball and, for once, have all the answers to the industry’s delays, challenges, and future, I’m sorry, we don’t. 2,009 more words


The Shameful Political Lie - "Death Panels"

The “death panels” are back. In the last week three Republican congressmen have characterized advanced care planning and palliative care as efforts to hasten an elderly person’s death. 499 more words


Sanders and Cruz: Healthcare Debate

Tuesday night, U.S. Senators Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) debated on national TV about healthcare and the Affordable Care Act.  Both senators made statements we have come to expect from them.   1,045 more words


Understanding And Implementing The Infection Control Policy In A Care System

Infection Control Policy or the ICP003 Cleaning and Disinfection Policy has been made to make sure that the staffs in healthcare foundation know about health care policies and practice it. 28 more words

Healthcare Policy

What next?

Every day brings more unbelievable news. I started out writing this entry focusing on what we might expect in the upcoming weeks regarding the Affordable Care Act following the Senate and House votes to begin repeal. 450 more words

Healthcare Policy

[Some] Breastfeeding Moms Can Now Do More!

There has been much jubilation this week in the women’s health and lactation (and tech) worlds this week as a brand new “smart” breast pump that will be hitting the market this Spring… 1,826 more words


A Fatuous Defense of the Affordable Care Act

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” – Benjamin Disraeli

The L.A. Times provides a nice set of cherry picked data…

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