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[Some] Breastfeeding Moms Can Now Do More!

There has been much jubilation this week in the women’s health and lactation (and tech) worlds this week as a brand new “smart” breast pump that will be hitting the market this Spring… 1,826 more words


A Fatuous Defense of the Affordable Care Act

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” – Benjamin Disraeli

The L.A. Times provides a nice set of cherry picked data…

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This is hard - Obama on Healthcare.

Healthcare policy is such a curiosity, but the political landscape of it is downright fascinating. Over the past few months, with a meaningful ability of the Republican Party to repeal the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”), we’ve all been reviewing two things: first, the successes and failures of the ACA, and; second, what happens after any repeal. 1,496 more words


Essential Codes of Conduct Regarding Social Care Policies and Procedures in UK

The duty of a social care worker is very noble, as well as significant, as he needs to provide essential health-care services to the people of the society, who need them urgently. 76 more words

Healthcare Policy

Few Basic Measures Maintained As Part of the Infection Control Policy

The workers of National Health Services in England need to follow all the directives mentioned in the National Infection Prevention Control Manual, for checking the spread of any infection among patients whom they are handling regularly. 77 more words

Healthcare Policy

Expectations & Resolutions 2017

Blog post by Colin Hung

Happy New Year! …and welcome to another fantastic year of #hcldr. Can you believe that it’s already 2017? Where did 2016 go? 719 more words

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Obamacare and Patient Safety, Who Knew?

As important as expanding medical insurance is, there are a number of additional aspects of the PPACA that are intended to improve the quality of and reduce the cost of medical care. 327 more words