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Today's task

Today, I took on a quick and interesting task: identify institutions with Healthcare Policy programs and influential policy faculty, specifically in institutions of higher education and policy think tanks, and make introductory connections.


Explaining the EpiPen (hint - the company can jack its prices up because of government intervention, not because of the lack of it)

This author does as admirable of a job as any I have seen, so I am sharing it. http://slatestarcodex.com/2016/08/29/reverse-voxsplaining-drugs-vs-chairs/

The only point he leaves out that I would like to make is the laughable hypocrisy of government officials, including one candidate for President, claiming we need more government intervention and price controls. 496 more words

Public Policy

The Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act

Deaths due to opioids are reaching epidemic proportions.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of deaths attributable to overdose on prescription drugs increased from approximately 9,000 in 2001 to nearly 26,000 in 2014.  318 more words

Healthcare Policy

The high cost of obtaining authorizations for care

Health care costs are staggering. American taxpayers, consumers and employers pay more per capita for health care than any other country in the developed world. As a result, health plans are under enormous pressure from employers and regulators to contain medical costs, which means limiting member use of care services to that which are deemed clinically necessary. 677 more words


Meaningful Use: Avoiding the Road to Nowhere

Today I read a post that said we have now spent $34.7 billion on the Meaningful Use effort. The author noted that it was admirable that there was such transparency in the reporting of spending, but expressed dismay over the lack of good data on the expected savings (recall that when the law was enacted the spending on the program was supposed to net out to $20 billion, with projected savings). 743 more words


Government - the only sphere on earth where abject failure leads to more power and responsibility

It is a curious and novel tendency that government failures don’t lead to accountability and a search for knowledge and truth, but rather inexorable demands for yet more powers. 388 more words


The left's massive remake of healthcare strikes and fails again

In a recent Modern Healthcare article, it is evident that small health plans and insurers are being heavily penalized by the ACA’s risk corridor program in a shocking, but not entirely unpredictable, bit of reverse corporate wealth redistribution in which money is actually flowing from small businesses and insurers to the behemoths in the industry such as Anthem and Aetna. 210 more words