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Insurers expected to increase ACA premiums sharply this Fall because they did not get their "bail out" funds. Guess who gets the blame?

Isn’t it interesting that when predictions come true about the failures of the ACA, the Left and the Media go looking for someone to blame? In this case the failure predicted is collapse of ACA State Exchanges with the projected “premium spikes” for the Fall of 2018 and the blame goes to Congress and the President. 1,033 more words


Lesson #3: Education is Key to Informed Consent, Everything Else is Coercion

Part 1 of 2.

When our third child was born, I was not prepared. I was 41 weeks, and I still feel guilty for how ill-prepared I was the morning after his birth. 927 more words


Not As Bad As Cancer, But Diabetes Is Still Outrageously Expensive

Kelley at her Below Seven blog writes about the sad state of the U.S healthcare “system,”  mostly about how insanely expensive it is for those of us not in a socialized program like Medicare or Medicaid. 336 more words

Healthcare Reform

How To Negotiate 80% Discounts Off Your Medical Bills

Click the link below for details. It’s a long article but could save you thousands of dollars unless you’re covered by one of the semi-socialized health insurance schemes like Medicare, Tricare, or Medicaid. 516 more words

Healthcare Reform

Another Example of Corruption and Collusion in the Medical-Industrial Complex

“Patients frequently paid more for drugs through copays than the cost of those medications to insurers or pharmacy benefit managers, a research letter in JAMA indicated.” 11 more words

Healthcare Reform

Response to "Why Only Fixing U.S. Healthcare Will Not Make Us Healthier"

Behrouz Zand MD, MS blogs at Digital Antidote – The Collision of Medicine, Philosophy and Social Science. His post of January 16, 2018, is entitled “Why only fixing U.S. 252 more words



Healthcare Reform is an issue that needs to be addressed. Does it have a simple solution? No. Are there solutions? Yes.

According to ThePatientFactor.Com the United States of America ranks 37th. 1,005 more words