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Maternal Mental Health

I began my research by identifying the leading causes of reported pregnancy-related deaths. The leading causes as stated by the maternal mortality review committees (in ranking order from highest to least) are: hemorrhage, cardiovascular and coronary conditions, cardiomyopathy, infection, embolism, mental health conditions (it does not define which conditions or how that is determined), and preeclampsia and eclampsia.1 However there’s lots of variation once you begin to break down the statistics, the most concerning is when looking at race. 666 more words

Maternal Mortality

The Common Causes of Sleep Problems (And How to Fix Them Fast)

By now, the importance of getting a good nights sleep is settled science. While research varies on how much sleep is ideal, no one doubts that sleep is critical to optimal health, performance and mood. 1,332 more words


Trial by Fire: Critics Demand That a Huge Sepsis Study Be Stopped

A trial enrolling new patients resembles “an experiment that would be conducted on laboratory animals,” one advocacy group said. . via NYT Health https://nyti.ms/2O3ZLFg


Unfulfilled in Life? This List of Goals Can Help You Realize Your Dreams

We all have our dreams, hopes and ideas about how our future should look like. Some dreams are professional, others – entirely personal and maybe even secret. 2,525 more words


Refractory Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) Global Clinical Trials Review, H1, 2018: Ken Research

Refractory diseases are those diseases that did not respond to the treatment as has surfaced again. Relapsed chronic lymphocytic leukaemia means that the cancer did not respond to the treatment and has recurred reaching remission. 388 more words