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I started this blog because I was facing a lot of structural health issues. I think because I started paying more attention to my structural issues, I have become to live in fear. 251 more words

Sarah Bodmer Day 2 (Physical Therapy)

Today I started my day even earlier, so I got to see a lot of patients. One of the patients hurt their elbow when they were skiing. 278 more words

What Hospitals Need to Understand About Housing

There was a post in today‚Äôs HealthAffairs Blog  (see links at the end of this post) with some helpful insights on the importance of affordable housing as a key element of being able promote and sustain healthy aging. 373 more words

Healthcare Policy

The future is bright

We believe that the future is bright, that health will improve and that progressive pharma will be successful. Led by emerging science, amplified by technology and powered by engaged patients. 438 more words


An argument for a single payer health plan

To the Editor, the NYTimes:

As a physician who favors a single-payer plan, I cannot disagree with your analysis about the high cost of moving to this type of health care plan. 175 more words


What Does Healthcare Fraud Look Like?

Everybody is involved when it comes to health care fraud because there is no exclusion.

Indeed, only a small percentage of health providers and consumers are deliberately involved in medical fraud. 888 more words

Healthcare Internet of Things Gets Senate Support with New Bill

The Senate Commerce Committee has approved a bill that would strengthen the underlying infrastructure and regulation for the Internet of Things, a key new approach to mobile technologies in the healthcare industry and elsewhere. 599 more words