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Preventing Head Lice Outbreaks—A Lowdown

It’s all part-and-parcel of having a school-going child!

Life is all hunky-dory until one day, your kid complains of incessant itching on their scalp. You check with a ruler and lo and behold, their hair is peppered with nits and those icky lice. 378 more words

Lice Prevention

Faux Somnium

Don’t ever tell me that it was just a fun ride,

When both of us held hands

Up and down in this spiral moment called life, 55 more words


5 Ways To Navigate Confusing Health Info

It’s so hard to know what’s real sometimes. With so much conflicting information out there, it seems like everyone is telling you something different. There’s an expert on every corner claiming they know what’s right for… 1,448 more words

Digital Health is Growing Fast - But at What Cost?

Silicon Valley is obsessed with growth. And for digital health startups, that obsession is not only misguided but dangerous.

The prevailing idea in the tech industry is that to succeed, you have to be ready to sell your idea, no matter how far along with your idea really is. 926 more words


7 Important Signs of Leukemia You Shouldn’t Ignore

Leukemia is a blood cancer, and blood cancers account for about 10% of all new cancer diagnoses each year. Leukemia is also the most common cancer occurring in children and teens, representing about 1 in 3 new cases each year.. 11 more words


8 Simple Exercises To Reduce Hanging Belly Fat

Lower Belly fat does not look good and it damages the entire personality of a person. Reducing Lower belly fat and getting into your best possible shape may require some exercise. 17 more words


7 Foods To Eat To Prevent Arthritis

Achy joints, grinding pain, misshapen fingers – all of these are types of arthritis pain. Arthritis is a catch-all term for joint pain or joint disease. 22 more words