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Hands on pumping doubles milk production

I stumbled on a great discovery while researching breastfeeding premature babies. I was shocked to read that hands-on pumping from day 1 can double a woman’s milk supply! 89 more words

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Persistent Pumping ensures milk supply

The Harris family welcomed 6 babies at once, born at 26 weeks. Mrs. Harris pumped breastmilk 6 months for her sextuplets. 12 times a day, every 2 hours, day and night. 408 more words

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Pump Promptly for Preemie

by Stacey Lynn Photography

It is a special honor for me to work with Mom’s with premature babies. These woman have a journey more difficult than I can imagine. 390 more words

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Water Hazmat Suit: Preventing Infection

Marvelously, a baby is knit together in the womb within a protective garment, the water balloon, aka, a Hazmat suit. Just as a Hazmat suit provides an air tight barrier against toxins and contaminants, the Water Balloon contributes the primary mode of protection against infection. 379 more words

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Water Cushions: Protecting the Unborn Baby

Chicken fighting was intense. Our favorite arena was the ocean, where the waves and sand provided additional challenge. My brother formed “The Bottom Base,” while I composed “The Apex Attack” on his shoulders. 421 more words

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Mom & Baby Separated, Preventable Causes

A sad story, overheard at work.

A mother gave birth to a beautiful little girl, 5# 7oz. After birth, because she was so small, the little girl had difficulty keeping warm, although they kept her… 224 more words

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Just Wait: Severing the Pulsing Cord

There is a link between 2 worlds. At the dawn of birth, the baby is suspended between life in the womb to life in the world via the umbilical cord. 677 more words

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