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Big Benefits To Eating Healthy Fat, Experts Say

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)—A new health trend is having dieters ditch low fat products.

Sarah Stubbs spent most of her life drinking skim or 2 percent milk, but switched to full fat milk after her son was born. 239 more words


Virgin Care Contract + 64%

By coincidence a letter to the Champion exposes Virgin Care appointment chaos in Ormskirk while another Virgin Care contract meant NHS costs rose by 64%. The letter  391 more words


Crypto Outbreak On Rise

With Memorial Day right around the corner you may be thinking of hitting the water.

However in pools and water parks outbreaks of crypto are on the rise. 85 more words


Dairy And Heart Health

Cheese lovers can now celebrate a new study suggests eating full-fat dairy products does not increase your risk for a heart attack or stroke.

Researchers examined data from nearly one million people from around the world the team could not find any connection between the consumption of dairy products high in saturated fats, and heart disease. 54 more words


New Technology Helping To Diagnose Hard-To-Find Breast Cancer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–New technology is helping to diagnose hard-to-find breast cancer.

This technology was first used for looking at heart disease. Now it’s been refined to detect breast cancer in certain women at Einstein Medical Center. 248 more words


Flu In The Summer

Many people are preoccupied with allergies these days now that trees are blooming, but really you should still be aware of the flu virus.

You can catch it outside of the official flu season. 95 more words


Allergic Reactions To Marijuana On Rise

You may not be able to overdose by smoking pot, but how about this?

Allergic reactions to marijuana use are on the rise.

A study found that marijuana is an allergen, like other pollen-bearing plants. 80 more words