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Healthwatch: Weekly Medical News

Regular kitchen spoons are not healthy to use for measuring out children’s medicinal dosages. A new policy in the Journal of Pediatrics suggests against random drug testing in schools. 44 more words


Healthwatch: Drinking and Creativity

New research shows that having a stiff drink at work could actually help you be more productive. This according to the researchers at the University of Illinois in Chicago, in a study participants with an alcohol level of 0.08 were better creative tasks than their fellow participants. 29 more words


Healthwatch: More Health Issues With Smoking

It’s been nearly 50 years since the Surgeon General’s report on smoking was released, and they’re still finding new diseases linked to it. The CDC has released a report saying more issues have been linked to tobacco juice. 32 more words


Healthwatch: Anaphylaxis

For most people, the occasional bee sting is slightly painful and annoying. But for people with anaphylactic or allergic reactions, the encounter can be deadly. Today’s Healthwatch features a boy who had a close call, and the doctor who saved him. 28 more words


CB Youth Voice launches their Manifesto!

Central Bedfordshire Youth Voice’s Manifesto Launch Day took place on Monday 23rd March, which saw Central Bedfordshire Youth Parliament (CBYP) present their manifesto to the Chief Executive of Central Bedfordshire Council, Director Of Children’s Services, Leader of the Council, local councillors, stakeholders, key partners and members of the public. 185 more words

Healthwatch: This Week's Medical News

Can Vitamin D reverse prostate cancer? Are there new efforts to help breast cancer patients avoid depression? 178 more words


Healthwatch Southwark public forum - "You said, we did!"

Welcome back to another blog by Matthew Mckenzie, carer, carer rep and Governor for South London and Maudsley. I am also a member of the Lewisham Mental Health Connection and carer rep for Experts by Experience. 1,922 more words

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