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HPV Vaccine Effectiveness Looks Promising

The vaccine for the human papilloma virus, HPV, may be more effective in stopping cervical cancer than health experts had hoped.

HPV infections can cause a precancerous condition called cervical dysplasia that can lead to cervical cancer. 76 more words


Birth Control and Depression Research Revealed

A recent study shows birth control users are 70 percent more likely to be on anti-depressants to ward of symptoms.

More than one million Danish women and teens women were tracked by researchers at the University of Copenhagen. 67 more words


First Ever Three Parent Baby Born In Mexico

The first baby to be conceived through a controversial three-parent fertility technique has been born, using what’s called the Spindle Nuclear Transfer.

The mother carries genes for a disorder that led to four miscarriages and the deaths of two children. 83 more words


Temporary Tattoos And Disease Control

Temporary tattoos could be the key to treating Multiple Sclerosis and other chronic diseases.

Scientists at Baylor University recently tested a technique that uses tattoos to release antioxidant nanoparticles into the system. 73 more words


Spin Classes Bring Out Inner Competitor

Finding motivation in your daily workout routine can be hard, but some fitness enthusiasts have been turning to spin classes to kick their cardio into high-gear. 117 more words


Epipen Hearing On Capitol Hill

The CEO of drug company Mylan insists, that its Epipens aren’t as profitable as everyone thinks.

Epipens are used in allergic reaction emergencies to inject a dose of the life-saving drug epinephrine. 215 more words


Montco Teen Credits Music With Saving Her Life, Uses It To Help Save Others

WAYNE, N.J. (CBS) — A teenager from Wayne is breaking into the music industry with a new CD and an upcoming concert.

Music has helped her battle depression and bullying which is a serious problem for millions of teenagers. 371 more words