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Kicking The Sugar Habit

HEALTHWATCH – Sugar might make things taste better, but it could leave a bitter after taste. Scientists found it doesn’t only affect your waistline, it makes you age faster. 135 more words


Tick That Triggers Red Meat Allergy Spreading Across U.S.

CBS Local — Most severe allergic reactions to food occur within 20 minutes of exposure. But the reaction to red meat after a lone star tick bite is much different. 359 more words


Proposed Medicaid Cuts Threaten Disabled Kids, Local Families Say

PHILADELPHIA (CBS/AP) – Advocates for people with disabilities declared Thursday a National Day of Action to spread the word about proposed cuts to Medicaid.

One New Jersey woman told CBS3 health reporter Stephanie Stahl why it’s so important to her family to keep kids covered. 385 more words

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American Overdose On Vitamin D

HEALTHWATCH – More may not always be better, especially when it comes to Vitamin D. 98 more words


Study: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Protects Brain Against Alzheimer's Disease

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)—New research from Philadelphia about extra virgin olive oil and its role in fighting Alzheimer’s disease.

Researchers at Temple University found that “extra virgin olive oil” protected memory and learning ability in mice. 93 more words


Special Device May Help Alleviate Back Pain

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Brian Muscreave has trouble with any kind of movement.

He broke his back slipping on black ice two years ago.

Two surgeries later and every kind of therapy possible–he’s still in agony. 396 more words


Study: Third of World Overweight

HEALTHWATCH – Alarming new numbers show about one third of the global population is overweight, and nearly 80 million are Americans. 88 more words