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U.S. HealthWorks Tips for Employers Regarding Worker Use of Wearables

The use of wearable technology is becoming a welcome development in many industries these days. Because of its potential to enhance and ensure employees’ health and safety, employers are urged to consider adopting the use of wearables to reduce emergency room or U.S. 87 more words

4 Tips from U.S. HealthWorks for Employers on Construction Site Safety

Employers are legally bound to guarantee the safety of their employees. But more than a measure to comply with law, keeping employees safe makes them more inclined to be productive. 129 more words

U.S. HealthWorks Tips for Employers: Distractions that Cause Injuries

Some people can’t chew gum and walk at the same time, so says a funny anecdote. Apparently, there are those who can’t text and walk simultaneously, either. 66 more words

Should You Choose Emergency Room or U.S. HealthWorks Urgent Care?

If you had an employee who got injured while on the job, depending on their injury do you think you would know whether they would need an emergency room or U.S. 134 more words

U.S. HealthWorks for Employers: Why Job Rotation is Best for Employees

In today’s fast-paced world, loyal employees are hard to come by. After all, these workers are always on the move, and will be looking for bigger opportunities, even if it means moving into another company. 118 more words

U.S. HealthWorks Tips for Employers to Help Prevent Sprains and Strains in the Workplace

Make safety your priority

Working at a labor-intensive job can be strenuous on your employee’s bodies. It is important that workplace safety is always the number one priority. 75 more words

Beyond Fish Oils for Your Health

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